Saturday is rush hour every hour.
Saturday, 07/01/06 - 9:30 pm.

I hate driving -or going out, for that matter- on saturdays. Every hour is a rush hour, and these must be the rudest drivers in the world. But I had to go out today, since my friend Nicole, from Florida, is visiting, and I wanted to get her a gift.

I asked Joseph to come with me, and he, of course, agreed. Except he was still asleep when I came for him, and that kind of upset me. Actually, I'd been upset because of him most of the morning, because I tend to be resentful and I was thinking of old stuff that made me angry at him at the time. I really need an entry to talk about all this.

Well, he showered and got dolled up. It took us ages to get to the mall, which normally would be about five minutes away by car. It took us like 15 minutes, plus 10 of driving around the awful subterranean parking lot, that has three levels. Those parking lots make me feel so anxious and trapped. And the flow of cars coming into the lot was unbelievable. I was deeply irritated, because that's how I get on traffic jams. If there's one thing that drives me crazy about my own country is the stacking (I believe it happens mostly in the capital city, though); I can't conceive how you can fit all these people in such a small area. It makes me want to own a gun and shoot half of them, for the sake of Mother Nature.

In the mall, most people were gathered around a HUGE screen, watching the soccer game, so the halls and stores were kind of empty. All the better for us. I went to this beautiful place that has the most special items I've ever seen. Joseph looked around patiently while I chose a few things: a blue elephant book clip, a little decorative zebra (size of a finger) on a spring, and a set of six miniature candles, in the shape of a coffee cup. Afterwards, I got another zebra, for my mom. The place isn't that expensive, either. I love it.

In retribution for his patience, I took him for coffee. We sat on a couch and just talked and talked. I love those moments with Joseph. I wish we had them more often.

To wrap it up, we stopped by a store with 40% off on everyting. I've been wanting to buy a pair of pants, but never bothered to look. I did this time, but they didn't have my size. We left, and it was about 20 fucking minutes of way back home. I was going to drop him off at work, but at that pace, I figured he'd get fasted if he walked from the corner of my block.

My nephew had a play today, and he played a Velociraptor. I know, what the hell? But he's very talented, not exactly because he could pull off Hamlet, but rather because he doesn't know of embarrasment. He can act out anything without being embarrassed, and he was able to pull off that character without saying a word.

This week has been so, so, so hot. I HATE HOT WEATHER, IT DRIVES ME MAD! Plus, I'm starting to feel exhausted. Really exhausted. This semester never ends! I'm supposed to be done with classes by now, but Mr. Miscellaneous has scheduled two more this week. Plus a final exam, a final research, a psychological report for the clinic, checking the papers of the students of Social Psychology, finishing transcribing two interviews and work for the child abuse project *Cries*.

But I must not complain. Everyday I realize that my life is pretty cool, and I'm very lucky/blessed (whichever you prefer) to have all that I have.

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