Relief, patient boyfriend, nephew and niece, crisis, and HB Ringo.
Friday, 07/07/06 - 10:39 pm.

Damn, I hadn't felt this relieved in a long time. Today I finished two of my heaviest duties this semester: one, I did the transcription of the last interview, thus I've completed my social service requiremnts (I hope). Two, I e-mailed the CommPsych project to my professor, after a lot of tension between my workmates to finish it.

The latter has a plus: they worked a lot on this project. I ended up doing the last check-up, as usual, and rushing to send it on time, but now I was able to step back and say "I can't do this, you do it", and we shared all that amount of work equally.

I had a very busy morning, trying to finish both tasks, because in the afternoon I was going out with Joseph. It felt like ages since I had seen him. I wanted to buy a pair of pants, and I think he has a taste for clothes (for me) that I don't have.

He's incredibly patient with me. We walked a lot before we found a store that had something I liked. And then he was very sweet, picking out the clothes he thought I'd like; I liked most of them. And THEN, he waited for me to try them all on. Sadly, the one pair I liked the most was not in my size. You're too fat, he said. Yes, I am; you are fat if you're not size 0, so I had a hard time finding the right size. I bought...probably the only pair of pants that I liked AND were in my size, but then I came home and I don't like them that much now.

In retribution for his patience, I took him to a coffee house. And before we left the mall, we walked into a store that sold wallets (he lost his a week ago or so). The one he liked was $14, and he had no money. I wasn't very much into the idea, but I ended up getting it for him, as a gift, and I'm glad I did. This salesclerk, a nice girl, asked us if we were always getting stuff for each other. Not that often, but yeah, and it's cool. I love getting stuff for him, and I melt when he gets something for me.

Damn, I want to see him, NOW. He's a little upset, though, because it seems we won't have much time for each other during my vacation (which it seems will only be like 3 weeks long). Because...because...

Hey, my nephew and niece from Houston are coming. As they do every summer. It's kind of odd that I didn't bring this up before, but this time around I haven't been as enthusiastic. I suppose since my last visit to Houston I'm disappointed on what a whiny, spoiled teenagers they've become. Perhaps I'm a bit condescendent with my nephew, as I can't tell where his personality ends and his disease begins. My niece has always been a bit more bitchy, and I hate how she sometimes reacts to her parents (or anyone else), when they're not even bothering her.

Anyway, as the day of their arrival approaches -monday night-, I am getting excited, actually. I think of the places we'll go and all that jazz, and I think it'll be fun, as it usually is. I try not to dwell much on the negative stuff. My parents are a bit scared that my nephew will have a breakdown here, but I have faith in this change of enviroment. He and his sisrer are always dying to come.

It's cute how they think of this country as "paradise", because it's far from it. Just a couple of days ago, there was a horrible riot. I don't think this is a place to talk about it (I consider this diary my safe space), but it's interesting. People are busy accusing and lamenting, and I just sit and analyze everything from the perspective of Social Psychology, especially the subject of cognition and atribution.

Everybody is trying to give a meaning of the events, and with a bloody past of civil war, there's plenty of ideas to grab, based on past experiences. Some go for the obvious, what they saw on TV, and what they saw during the war, and hey, it fits, so logically, it's the same thing. Others skip the obvious and go a bit deeper, and say, well, these are the roots of such violence and so and so. Others, or should I say Joseph, explain to me the mechanism of the huge gun a sniper (one of the protesters) was holding, because he loves guns and knows a lot about them. It takes two to use that kind of gun, for example, which is why you see another guy behind the protester in the pictures.

The first image I saw was two cops carrying a dead mate, whose brains were leaving a trail on the asphalt. I always get a kick of empathy, it's not the cops' fault, and such. And then I saw another cop -a sniper- pointing at students who were evacuationg the university (because it happened near an university), and that, on other hand, made me go, JESUSWHATTHEFUCK? It's really not the way, causing riots and everything, but then again, that's all we've known. Not to justify anything, but the warning of an explosion has existed forever. There's not a single year out of my 21, that I recall living in anything that would marginally resemble peace. I don't think there's one specific entity to blame, and also, everybody is at fault to some extent; but seriously, if it's your job taking care of people, and you don't take care of them, and instead get busy hanging around with your wealthy friends, what do you expect?

And, well, I was saying...I think I was about to say that I love Joseph very much, and I want him to have my children (although I'm scared of how they'll turn out like). And also, happy birthday Ringo!!!! And...I only have one final exam to go this semester, Mr. Miscellaneous'...I want to give him an applausse for his class here *clap clap*; I didn't when he wrapped up class yesterday, because I thought nobody would tag along. Outside classroom, I came to find everybody had the same idea, but nobody dared. And I'm ashamed, and I'm sorry, because his class deserved a clap or two, and I think he was expecting it.

And, the end.

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