Post-cramp nap entry.
Monday, 07/10/06 - 12:16 pm.

Damn. I just lost an entire morning. I'd never put this fact into words, but getting my period seriously makes me lose half of my day. This morning at 8:30 I was supposed to go run some errands at my university, but just as I was leaving, the cramps started.

Took a pill, didn't work. I was knocked out so I felt asleep, after a couple of minutes of intense, deep pain. Yeah, yeah, an appointment with a gyno must be made. It was 11:30 am when I woke up. Too late to leave, I'd be in campus nearly by lunchtime.

So my errands will be left for the afternoon, when instead I was going to spend it studying for my Abnormal Behavior final -which is tomorrow-. My friends came over yesterday to study, but I need a whole lot more reading to learn all that insane amount of mental disorders (personality, affective, organic, caused by substance abuse, psychotic...every disorder in each category, and that's A LOT).

In the evening, my nephew and niece are arriving from Houston. I'm sad to admit I'm less thrilled than all the previous times. Partly because I'm too tense to notice, and partly because I'm annoyed at the thought of having to deal with their temper.

I want to draw Simeon cartoons. And I can't. This was supposed to be my first week of vacation until next semesterm but I have a full schedule the WHOLE week, with a trip to campus every day except for friday. Fuck this shit. I NEVER have time to do what I REALLY want (I'm very commited to my commitments, that's my problem). I'd be pissed off, but I'm still drowsy from the pain and the nap so I'm only up to passively upset.

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