And now, the usual last minute conflict.
Friday, 12/08/06 - 10:14 pm.

The time between 5:30 and 9 pm, last night, was spent trying to figure out my Psychological Treatment final. I didn't end up very sore from the back of my neck, but I did end up seriously ashamed, because I failed a lot of questions.

I'm not too frustrated about this, I guess I'm just trying to keep my head cool. I studied a lot, but also the material was endless, and I have trouble with concentration. I really can't tell why I sucked, which is a question W would ask if he had the chance.

I don't know, except for one question: when I read it, I remembered that he'd said in class that we should read two chapters of a psychology ethical code. I'd completely erased that from my memory. And when I read the question asking about three ethical principles, I felt I was in a nightmare, when you're not prepared and the exam is very important, to define the championship of the universe or something like that.

Let's change subject, because I got a lot of questions wrong.

My uncle invited me to breakfast this morning. He's such a Donald Trump, incredibly wealthy and in the know about bussiness (former president of one of the biggest insurance companies of the country). But also a humble man, who enjoys spending time with his relatives. He gave me $30, and complimented me on my book. But most of the meal was spent talking about my aunt, who alienated herself and became a religious freak, stopping speaking to my uncle and destroying my dad's reputation. It's an ugly family row that's hurt my dad so bad, and has been going on for many years. I will never let my aunts (two of them, thankfully the other one died) come close.

I'm afraid I have to cut this entry. I was just informed that the lovely Irene didn't do the part she was supposed to do for the final CommPsych report that's due tomorrow morning. She's at a party. She told me she'd do it, but then again, I shouldn't have believed her. This time I tried to back off and see if someone else took it upon themselves to finish the work. Nobody did. She said she would, but failed. I'm SICK of them, all of them, Irene, Victor, Victoria...well, Michelle is still ok, at least she's supportive.

I want another group. I'm just a little afraid of the consequences. It's nothing personal, but I know they could get nasty. I hate them so much.

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