In which I refer to my friends as irresponsible.
Saturday, 12/09/06 - 10:28 pm.

As predicted in my last entry, I ended up finishing the CommPsych report, when it wasn't my duty. I wasn't that pissed off while working on it, but I've made the decision of indeed finding a new group, at least for one subject, next semester. I can't stand them anymore, they're irresponsible and always leave the majority of the work to be done by somebody else (me).

When I e-mailed this section I had to write, to the gal that was part of the group (just for academical purposes), I wrote her to please excuse the irresponsibility of some of the workmates. When she wrote to the whole CP group, she'd only hit reply to my e-mail, so my message, in which I refer to my friends (though to no one in particular) as "irresponsible", was below.

Michelle called me in the afternoon. She understands how I feel and often apologizes (because yeah, in some papers she takes no part at all, and her name is in the front for free). So she wasn't mad, she was mostly calling me to inform that she knew Irene didn't do her job, and say sorry for not being available last night to give me a hand. I appreciated her support (and Green-Kiwis's support, too; thank you! I needed those words).

I asked her what she thought would happen when the rest of the guys (Irene, Victor, Victoria, possibly HusbandFather) saw my message. She said she thought no one would say anything, except, maybe, Victor. I started to think what he might say...he'd get all diplomatic, but also very defensive, and would probably try to blame it all on me. But then I thought it's no use anticipating anything. I'll only worry about it if it happens.

And indeed, nothing's happened so far. I'm thinking nothing will be really expressed, but if it hits, it's gonna turn into some resentment. I'm worried about ruining the whole friendship...however, if you ask me, I wouldn't take back what I said, because although they're smart, and I love hanging out with them, they've abandoned me many times when we were supposed to be a team.

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