A week made out of sundays.
Sunday, 8/4/02 - 2:53 pm.

Last night, I couldn't sleep. In the morning, I couldn't sleep either.

I'd never lost sleep over such reason: one person. If I can't sleep, it's not because of people. I don't lose sleep over people.

I never got that "I can't sleep because of you" crap. I found it very lame. I remembered Rene, a boy who fell in love with me in 9th grade. He once wrote me a letter, saying that he couldn't sleep because of me. Now that I've experimented that agony...I still think it's lame. Maybe the person it's worth it but...it's just lame.

I kept thinking of him. of course, the first thing you do when you realize your thoughts are getting in your way to sleep is stop thinking or change topic. I did both, but neither worked. It was 1:00 am, and I thought (with eyes wide open) that it was already the next day and my classmates would soon leave Honduras (I'm sure they're on their way back home right now).

The morning came, and I went out to the garden. I actually felt better. I felt as if I'm already used to miss him. I was thinking about it when I found a small bird on the ground. It'd fallen off. I picked it up and noticed that it hadn't been eaten alive by ants so it had fallen off recently. I looked up and I saw the nest. I could never reach it. I also saw its mom. You just know when a bird it's the mom of the bird you're holding. They have an intense look, they stare at you, trying to guess what you're gonna do to the offspring, begging you and threathening you at the same time.

Since I can't shoot quality spiderwebs (yet), I called my mom....no, she can't shoot spiderwebs, either, but she is one very resourceful individual. She set up a ladder and took the bird up to a nest that was at her reach (it's empty). I hope the mom will take care of the dude again. I really don't want to take care of it. I remembered Wires and his sibling, Vegetable. For no specific reason, really. I don't miss them. Birds are not for you to have them in a cage, you're not supposed to miss them when they fly away, and they're not supposed to thank you if you take care of them. I never get attached to birds. They're free. End of story, I hope.

Since wednesday, everyday has been sunday to me.

On sundays I read the worst news on the newspaper. On sundays, the weather is always hot. On sundays, my whole family is here. On sundays, you can't do what you did on saturday, because the day after is monday and you get back to the routine.

Sundays are pretty much like 3:00 am. It's too late to do anything, and it's too early to get up.

On sundays, my computer freezes (actually, it just happened to me for the first time...yes, I did lose the entry I'd just finished).

My brother was watching a movie on TV and someone said something about not being able to sleep nor eat when you're in love. It stroke me that I hadn't slept well, I haven't slept well since this damn sunday week started, on the so-called wednesday. And I practically didn't eat anything for lunch. But hey, that's because even meals taste boring on sunday.

I'll get back to work. You see, I've been very obssessive with Aerosmith (more than the usual) lately. I don't know why. But last night I did a Google Image Search and I came across some nice pics. And I was hit by my creativity-lacking inspiration: I'm gonna make a layout out of this, for my Aerosmith diary. I drew some sketches, thinking how I'd like the layout to be. I calculated it'd take me one or two weeks to develop it.

I actually made it in half an hour. And, having in mind I am a HTML retard, it turned out nothing like I expected it to be.

It's kind of messy, I have to fix the colors and such. But hey, I'd never done anything beyond fonts and links so despite it's kind of crappy, it's a huge step for yours truly and her craptacular ablitity to fuck up with class. And you gotta admit, it's a beautiful picture of my Boys (*deep sigh of love*). I'd never seen it before. But yeah, I'm open to nice criticism and suggestions.

I also had another stroke of inspiration and I learned to play the harmonica part on Walk On Water....ok, just the three first notes, but it's something. When I got my harmonica, I was hoping I'd be jamming along to Big 10 Inch within two weeks. Huh, loser. It's been 9 months and I still can't control my saliva. Well, it's not like I practice everyday, or every month.........wait, was I saying? Oh, yeah. I love the pic of my Boys.

I'll go take a boring nap.

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