Losses, earnings, and my biological clock.
Monday, 11/25/08 - 12:23 am.

I have been without Internet for a couple of days (too much, in internet time). See number one on the list below. Also, I'm in a strange mood. Happy but melancholy. Excited and looking-forward-y but scared and sad.

1. We have a new floor all over the house. I'm quite pleased, but it's an incredible mess right now. Furniture has been moved and my bedroom doesn't even have a door at the moment. It will be like that, messy, for the rest of the week, the job is not done yet. But it's worth it.

2. W. quit the university today (!!!). He'd been harrassed by the head of the department, Mr. PhD., during the entire year, and with a letter W. got from him last week, he had enough. It's too much to even attempt to explain, but it involves horror stories, including a jesuit with a private agenda and young men at the reach of his hand. He's the worst thing to ever happen to the psychology department.

W. is angry, but also calm and looking into the future. He gets job offers frequently so he's not worried about money income. It's a loss for the university, more than it is for him. He is very good at teaching, and I feel sorry for all the students. He is a wholesome professor; you can approach him and trust him, academically and personally. Shame. What a shame. This university is going down the drain.

With W. resigning, I have nothing else to do in the university myself, after december 15th. This means I'll be severing my ties with it entirely since that day (W. says I still can go to the library, they have good books). If he was teaching there next year, I'd go twice a week to see my patients. Now I don't know where I'll continue my therapies, but they won't be cancelled. These cases are promising and I refuse to let them go.

More on the mourning of my university life, soon.

3. A friend from school gave birth today. People my age are getting engaged, or shacking up with the significant other, or having babies...I have plans that involve me growing academically, but my biological clock is yelling in my ear. Impossible for me to fulfill its desire. I don't even have a boyfriend. I haven't spoken with Joseph for a week now. I just refrain. From every thought regarding him. It'd be no use.

4. Last night, my cat Nena slept next to me and rested her head on my leg. It reminded so much of Frog that I started crying. I miss Frog. I think about her constantly, but not in a pathetic way. I don't cry, except for last night. I just think that it sucks not having her around. Or that it's a shame she didn't get to see the new floor. Or that I would have made fun of her by putting her on Nephew #2's new skateboard. She had the funniest "who and where am I?" expression in her face. I love her so much.

5. Nephew #2 is officially a teenager, to my eyes. He's moody very often. I hate, however, that my sister is too harsh on him sometimes. The kid has an attitude, but...it's way too much from her. I suppose it comes, at least partially, from the stress of being a single parent. Also, she's short on money, how I hate seeing her like that. She's very dedicated to her child, though; she's a good mom, really.

6. Oh, oh, I got PAID today. W. got paid half of the money for this research thing we're doing. I counted it and said "THIS is half of my money?". I didn't even expect for that quantity to be my entire pay. Awesome. Just last night I'd been worrying about money and making a small budget...you know, when things like this happen (not just regarding money), I just think of God. There must be a higher power that does look after me. I feel like I'm some kind of investment, so I must pay off eventually.

7. Good news aside, I miss Joseph. Seriously.

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