Will be working at the beach for three days.
Tuesday, 07/07/09 - 10:16 pm.

This evening I heard from the scholarship committee. Yeah, I didn't get it. I'd seen it coming, so it's no shock by now. My only problem is looking for new scholarships, it's so hard choosing universities and even more so finding money to afford going. But something will come up. I will find something. Something awesome.

Dear diary, I'm going to the beach tomorrow and I'll be back on friday. It's not just a pleasure trip, we'll work on our Strategic Plan and how to get funds for the Foundation to stay alive. Ah, joy. I'm not 100% thrilled, but I'm not disgusted either. I'll try to make the most of the trip.

It took me about three hours to pack and get ready for the trip. I thought it'd take like an hour.

So, talking to Art last night was alright. Just fun stuff, some intervals of silence and the "it was a great talk" goodbye. I was getting ready for bed when a text message arrived. *Insert dramatic tone* "No. Just...don't". Indeed, it was him, saying something along the lines of thank you for the nice chat. I replied, "likewise".

But I was thinking, no, you don't get to play with me like that again. Could be that he's only trying to rebuild the friendship, but as the White Stripes song goes *sings*, you seem to forget / just how this all started, and I'm reacting with mistrust because he once left me brokenhearted. At least now I'm aware of this. It's so easy to fall for someone the way I fell for Art. Never again, not like this. This experience was not in vain and I'm not holding my breath for him.

And hey, what do you know? I'm sleepy. I worked hard today, I'm tired and here come three days of being away from home and pretty much all of my social network. Argh at that. I hope to be back soon.

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