Outside the office and a minimal birthday greeting.
Tuesday, 08/25/09 - 7:51 pm.

The highlight of my day was going out for lunch with my coworkers and then getting back to the office to find out that nobody had the keys, except for the one boss that had to run errands in the afternoon. A bunch of us remained sitting outside the office, under a tree, until he came back. The end.

Today's Lighthouse's birthday and I tried to call him at noon. He didn't pick me up the phone and I just said, "meh". He called back at 4. I was in a meeting but I just felt like getting out for some air, right on time to find my cell phone ringing for the last time. I called him back and wished him a happy birthday.

I'd describe this birthday call as super depressing, or in any case, super boring. I said happy birthday, have a great time, let's hang out someday. We had a brief conversation on the elderly man he was turning into and he said he'd celebrate with his family tonight. And that was all. Now I'm out of reasons to call him in the near future, so who knows when I'll be in touch with him again.

I'm in desperate need of...fun and human contact. But I'm so tired that I'll just go to bed early.

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