Wednesday, 09/04/02 - 7:43 pm.

This is an excerpt from a very old entry of my own diary. I didn't remember anything about writing such thing, and from the context of the entire entry, I can tell I couldn't have cared less about that situation. But now, although what the excerpt says is out of date now...I don't know. I think...I feel...it affected me.

Thursday, november 15th, 2001.
"Rene's story: my ex, Vanessa, has now hooked up with Denver. They kissed "by accident" and now they're a couple. I feel weird about this, what do you think it is? "Dammit, there's something that comes in these little bottles called jealousy, man". Of course, I didn't say that. I asked him to go on. So he went on, saying that he's jealous although he's not so in love with her; that Denver is his friend and Vanessa is his friend, they're a couple, and he's not mad about it. What do I think it is? Fuck, how am I supposed to know what the fuck is going on in your teen-aged, problematic heart?"


Words fail me.

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