Oligarch cat is oligarch.
Wednesday, 07.07.10 - 9:26 pm.

Well, so far this week I've lived like quite the oligarch. I've been less reluctant to spend money because I was offered to stay part time for the rest of the year and I said yes.

I know, I know: I hate this job. But I was going to leave it because it was going to change. It won't change for the better now, but certainly it won't change for the worse. I could use a regular income and nothing else is coming my way. The principle of reality dictates that I dedicate four hours to it and then keep working at the clinic. My family is fully supportive; parents and siblings remind me that it takes time and sacrifices to achieve our goals. But they have. I will, too.

So my oligarch week started on monday, when I got together with a few friends for lunch. We met at this fancy building where Sam works; obviously, he was in the group of friends. We had a very expensive lunch, for which I felt bad (honestly, you can have a good meal for less than $3) but hey, I think it was worth the money. Sam and I barely interacted but he's a cutie, I'll tell you that.

He had to get back to work and when we said goodbye he told me "love you". But it's a friendly thing, a platonic thing at the most. And perhaps I lost some points with him when I was playing on his Nintendo DS and I lost a Pok�mon.

After he left, I stayed in the building with the rest of my friends and we had coffee and talked for about two hours. Then I went to pick up my nephew and took him to the dentist.

All the while, wearing high heels.

Yesterday I stayed home in the afternoon, working on an article I'm writing with Vic1. He's done most of the job, I'm sorry to admit. It was his idea, anyway, I'm just happy to learn and publish. At night, I went with my friend Virginia to see Citizen Kane at the Anthropology Museum, for free. Yay.

We invited the same friends of the day before, Sam included. I texted him 30 minutes before the movie started, asking him if he was going to make it and he said that his mom didn't let him go. Sometimes I want to believe we have a shot and I forget he's a child. But seriously, he is.

I wore my high heels yesterday, too.

And today...today I met with a guy for lunch. I met him on Twitter, which has become a nice community for me. I've met with him before, about a month ago, and he bought a copy of my book. This time he was buying another copy, for a friend (also on Twitter). I went to the mall he works at, which happens to be my favorite mall for no real reason, and we went to a tiny restaurant across the street. Then we went to the pet store to see the fish.

When he got back to work, I shopped around. I'd wanted to do that for long but I only bought two awesome shirts. I barely found something that I liked. Then I thought perhaps I should buy stuff I wouldn't normally wear, because that's what a makeover is all about, but hey, it's best to buy things I feel confident in. And I'm changing my style, anyway, people has noticed.

Walking around the mall, I kinda hoped I would run into Joseph. No, no...more like hoped Joseph would see me. My fantasy, you know, that he will see me, see what I've become, and will realize that leaving me and marrying and having a child with somebody else was the worst mistake of his life. But that's impossible, because most likely, it's not true for him.

I interrupted my shopping and went to the movies to see the bounty hunter, which wasn't as good as I thought would be. But I've realized I'm seeing more movies that involve exes and how they are doing in the aftermath of their break-up (like the one with Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin). I don't get hopeful, though. Honest.

After the movie, I met up with yet another guy I met on Twitter. He also bought my book and we had coffee and we talked a lot and then I gave him a ride, he lives near my house. He was pretty nice. It's a huge ego-boost to come home after meeting with a twitterer who wrote tweets saying nice things about me while he/she was with me. After we spoke on the phone for the first time today, he tweeted I had the voice of an angel. LOL! My voice sucks, really, but what an awesome compliment to receive.

Would this classify as casual dating? I know I'm not making out with anybody but I happen to have gone out with several guys since Joseph broke up with me. I rarely do it with romantic intentions; I know Skeleton Guy and Text Messages at Lunchtime Guy had them but I didn't like them back that way. I scored with JC, at least. Then most guys have friendly intentions, like my two friends today. And hey, Rod, my friend from high school. I love going out with him, among other things, because he's such a gentleman.

It just occured to me, I wonder if I'll get laid this year. Unfortunately, I doubt it.

Oh, oh. And today I wore high heels too! But this time it did take a toll. Whatever, dude, I look hot.

And that's been my week so far! Pretty intense and very oligarch to my standards, but I think I'm allowed to break the mold from time to time.

And my new dog comes on friday. I'm so excited!!! I'll name her Pichu, after Pok�mon. You may see a connection: yes, Sam brought Pok�mon to my attention, that's about it. Anyway...man, adopting a dog rules.

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