Quick recap of 2010, for teh lulz.
Friday, 12.31.2010 - 9:11 am.

I'm no good at thoroughly looking back on my year, but I can safely say this was the better yet. Take 2009: the best and the worst of my life so far, in which I started living life and mingled with the real world while limping from an atrocious heartbreak.

2010 was like that, without the atrocious heartbreak. I'm ending this year having severed ties from the three guys that shredded my heart last year. Joseph is a ghost that I think about everyday but I've come to terms with his past existence in my life and I'm determined to make my life much better than I had envisioned it with him by my side. Art and JC...well, they're both very different situations but the outcome is the same: screw them.

As it was last year, I ended December with a new guy that proved me that there's a lot out there for me. But unlike last year, or rather, unlike the last guy (JC), Q seems very committed to having a relationship with me. Yes, we went really fast before I came to Houston. I was kind of expecting he would dump me before I got on the plane, because he already got sex anyway (and bad one at that), but he writes me everyday. He even called me here the first days I was here. He lets me know he'll be waiting for me when I return on January 2nd. I'm excited. I feel lucky.

Romantic issues aside, I had an incredible year in terms of strengthening my social network. I miss Lighthouse and CR because we don't go out as often as we did last year; I'm eternally grateful for them BUT...they're not my crutches anymore. I made other friends, perhaps the most important one to mention is Virginia, with whom I spent the greatest moments this year. The jazz concert at the park stands out.

I start 2011 half unemployed. I finally left this job I hated so much that had nothing to do with my career. I have my clinic and while I wouldn't say it keeps me busy, it keeps me active in the field I love. I'm waiting for the response to my scholarship application to Chile. Everybody says I will get the scholarship (they also say I'll marry a Chilean guy); I want to think so but that's not up to me now. I'll be notified by mid-January and depending on the answer, I either start packing my bags or keep applying for jobs and scholarships.

And hey, let's not forget: my fucking trip to Costa Rica to see Aerosmith. Words fail me to describe how amazing that was. I mean, the whole experience of traveling alone for two entire days just to see your favorite band. I don't know, that's pretty much the craziest thing I've ever done.

I'm letting a lot of things slip in here but I keep them in my mind and in my heart.

I am so thankful for my past, my present and my future and everything and everyone that's part of either. Happy New Year!

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