A blast from the friendzone past.
Friday, 08.23.2013 - 7:23 pm.

It seems exactly every 12 days I get the calling to come and write in here. Huh.

A guy named Melvin wrote on my Facebook wall a couple of days ago. Many years ago, I wouldn't have said "a guy named..", just Melvin. He was a high school crush, perhaps more than I'd dared to admit then, and long after school ended, I'd dream of him and I'd wake up feeling infatuated and hopeful that we'd meet again.


It was really nice hearing from him. There is an entry in this diary from 2002 that talks about that day we spent the afternoon together at school, and at the end of the day I think, I THINK, he tried to kiss me on the lips; or maybe he just wanted to kiss my chin. In retrospective, I got mixed signals but the conclusion at the time was that he liked me as a friend. The last days of school he took me by the hand and thanked me for helping him study many times through the years. You could say I'd been friendzoned, in the most innocent way. I mean, the whole friendzone concept is bullshit, but if you're thinking, he was my crush and I was his friend, the friend who'd pick Aerosmith songs for him to dedicate to his current girlfriend, then by all means go ahead.

I digress! That one day of 2002, he told me he wanted to be a doctor. He was very passionate about that, I remember. And today, he is one. A pediatrician, I think. It's not surprising that someone who wants to pursue a career actually pursues it, but the outcome still warms my heart. I thought he'd be a wonderful doctor.

On the FB wall, he just wrote the name of a cartoon character of mine. It's still amazing to me that he'd retrieve that from his memory and come to my wall and write it. Then we talked one-liners about condensed milk and how good those times were. I made my parents buy me cans of condensed milk, basically to take them to school and give them to him and watch him rejoice as he ate the content.

I loved that guy. Good times indeed (sort of, if you ask my self at that time).

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