Sister came and went. Aerosmith has arrived.
Thursday, 10.03.2013 - 6:28 pm.

My sister arrived last thursday at noon. I stood anxiously at the gate, waiting to see her after getting out of the plane. From then on, time went by all too quickly but we enjoyed every second of our time together.

I'd spent months planning our schedule and we stuck to it, minus a few things that were left out because there was not enough time. I showed her the city, Andrew and I took her to a beautiful town at the feet of a snowy volcano (part of Los Andes), we ate until we couldn't take another bite. She brought me presents from my family and we caught up on our lives. It was too wonderful.

She took a plane to Santiago on sunday evening. I was already sad because Andrew had taken a plane to Punta Arenas earlier that day, and I could feel my heart shrinking more and more. I came home after saying goodbye to her at the airport and the next day I spent it brokenhearted, missing her and without an ounce of motivation or energy to do anything (though I did it anyway, I had to work). I miss my family all the time but this time I knew what was like to have someone around, so then not having that someone around anymore was a different kind of pain (Nephew #2 visited last year but that time I flew back home with him). It was my dad's birthday, also.

I had to go on with my life anyway, so by tuesday I was feeling better. After all, she's in Santiago this week, having the time of her life, as far as I can tell, and I'm happy about that.

Yesterday I spent the whole day at a science fair and it sucked because no one cares about social sciences. Let alone when you bring little kids. They want the experiments, the practical, shiny stuff. So it was really boring.

Also last night I stayed up watching the Aerosmith press conference in my hometown. It dawned on me, they're playing there tomorrow night. Get this, they're having an entire day off in my country and they're staying at a hotel that's two minutes away from my [parents'] house by car. Talk about life spitting in my face.

Still, I said to myself, there's no reason to be left out of this celebration. I'm the biggest fan from that country (I had a diary about it, though I chuckle at the seriousness of it...and yes, I got to go to a second concert) and I'm happy that my dream came true, even if I'm not there to witness it. I'm ok, I'm not mad about missing the concert per se. I've seen them twice, which is two times more than I thought I ever would. I'm grateful for that.

I've been thinking about tweeting a thank you to the band members. Hey, I wrote Steven Tyler once asking him to come to my country. I wrote him through a comment box in the official website that supposedly delivered the message to the band member of your choosing. Seems legit. So, yeah...I don't know, why not? Back in my day, we didn't have the chances we have now with Twitter. The worst thing that will happen is that it will go unanswered.

Right now I have a crippling headache. One of those headaches in which what actually hurts is around the eye and makes you want to vomit. I'm waiting for Andrew to return on saturday, although then it's my turn to take a plane to Arica on sunday and I come back six days later. I'm all for travelling but I'm not crazy about the purpose of this trip (getting surveys from college students, dealing with professors). I hope that week goes by quickly. And I also hope to do some sightseeing.

Maybe I'll write another entry before I leave for Arica. Cheers to Aerosmith playing in my country. Regardless of where I am, I never thought I'd see the day.

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