Rescuing a puppy while waiting for my sister.
Wednesday, 09.25.2013 - 9:50 pm.

This day seemed so far away. My sister sent me a message from Panama like an hour ago, she is on her way here. After writing my last entry, I occupied my mind in unwillingly obssessing over details about her visit. And now everything's ready for her arrival at 11:15 am tomorrow.

She arrives to Santiago at 3 am though and has to wait until 9 am to get a move on the flight here. Such a horrible schedule, too long to wait at the airport, too short to think about finding a hostel to get some sleep (considering all hotels and hostels are an hour away from the airport; except for the one in front of the airport but of course it is ridiculously expensive). It was the only schedule we could find but still it cost $200 instead of $1,500 thanks to my airlines miles, so there you go. I'll have to find comfort in the fact that she's a good traveler and enjoys herself anywhere, and as long as she has a book and coffee she'll be all right.

I've been overwhelmed with things about work, but I'll talk about that some other time. I even got a headache today, thinking of what else needed to be taken care of before my sister comes, and things I have to do in the upcoming weeks. Andrew leaves for the Strait of Magellan on sunday afternoon, so we'll make the most with my sister before that.

I did get a little distracted from all this this afternoon. I come home from the supermarket, I look out the window, and I see a dog on the street. Perhaps a stray, though it's a tri-colored coat border collie. Then I see a little black and white dot nearby. A puppy! I stared for a long while, watching them playing together and sniffing for something to eat. The puppy would follow passerbys while the mom kept an eye and ran to him whenever he came close to the street.

After some time, I thought I should go down and feed something to the mother. The puppy may be still breastfeeding. I left the apartment and fed her. She seemed in better health than the puppy who by the way already had teeth. She didn't seem lost either and had no trouble with me touching the puppy. In fact, as I fed her, she seemed to forget all about him.

She knew how to stand on two legs and beg for food. And I learned she was a he. A male dog, caring for a puppy. I didn't have the heart to leave them there and I thought it'd be cruel to separate them. I'd have to take both. I stood with them and walked around with them for a long, long time, until I called Andrew, pretty much seeking for advice. He was as clueless of me as to what to do, of course.

I must've been outside for nearly an hour, not knowing what to do. I told Andrew I'd get back to the apartment and maybe he could see if they were still around when he came from work, he was just about to get out. I went back to the apartment and when I looked out the window, the dog and the puppy were still there. And Andrew was looking at them. I know him, and I know his heart melted when he saw the pup.

I know because he started making phone calls, trying to find a friend with a car to help us take both dogs to our friend's vet. No one was available. But we called our vet friend and she sent her boyfriend, also a vet working in the clinic, and he was there in no time.

He examined the puppy. A little girl that seemed ok, but a little sick from a few things and malnourished. He pointed out they definitely weren't from the same place. The adult dog actually looked well taken care of. Good weight, nice fur, he obviously had manners when dealing with people. Perhaps one of those stray dogs that do have a home. He didn't seem disoriented at all. "I don't think this is his daughter. He must have found her and taken her under his wing. Male dogs don't look after their brood".

We took the puppy to the clinic. The dog stood around as our vet friend examined the puppy, and then sat with his back to us as we decided to just take the pup. He didn't seem to have a problem parting ways. And just as we got in the car, another dog showed up and stared chasing him to attack him (luckily the collie ran fast). And then I thought we did the right thing, bringing the pup with us.

At the clinic, our friend told Andrew and I that they'd be watching her closely this week, to see if she has no serious diseases; she was a little dirty and seemed to have a severed claw. Spring has started but today was still very cold, so it's nice to think she'll be warm. She'll be sheltered, with food and a warm bed. She'll get her vaccines and get spayed and if she's ok (e.g. no canine distemper), we'll start looking for a home for her.

When Andrew and I returned home, the dog was at the entrance of our apartment building. I wished so bad that he'd recognize me, since I'd been petting him and feeding him and helping him keep an eye on the pup, but he backed off. "Leave him", said Andrew quietly, and we went into the building.

It broke my heart taking away the puppy, and I almost didn't. They were pals. When I was with both of them, I looked for a sign, for something in the dog's eye that may be telling me "please, take this kid off my paws, give her a good home", but yeah, nothing. And now I had no way to communicate to him that she's in loving hands, being taken care of like every dog should be, like she probably has never been taken care of in her very short life. And that hopefully she'll have a good home in the near future.

I'm drained. I've been running around all day so I'll go to bed, to wake up tomorrow all fresh and ready TO GO TO THE AIRPORT TO PICK UP MY SISTER!!! *throws confetti*

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