February goals in review.
Sunday, 03.02.2014 - 7:46 pm.

This shall be a quick entry before dinner. Today is our last day before Andrew and I go back to work...getting back to work is a whole different entry though. February was a great month, very productive, although I didn't quite accomplish everything I wanted.

Our trip to Santiago last week was ok. It was exhausting, mostly. We took the TOEFL, met up with one of Andrew's best friends and his wife and then we came home. It was a 24-hour trip, out of which we spent 16 on a bus, traveling back and forth.

On wednesday and thursday we took another bus, to a southern city five hours away. We spent the night at a friend's house. This friend stays with us when he comes into town for work and we've become close (he's from the crowd of Andrew's friends met through WoW). He lives in the country, in some kind of wood cabin outside a small town. It was relaxing, staying there.

Also, he adopted one of the two puppies I nursed and raised back in november 2012. Of course, that puppy is an adult now, a huge mutt/shepherd, a gentle giant. He's a great guardian but also very playful and friendly. He's well taken care of, that made me happy.

I half-succeeded in writing in my blogs and in my hand-written journal. I succeeded reviewing my dad's book but that's still under production. Andrew and I made a lot of progress with the wedding planning but we failed at what's most important: booking a venue. We contacted places but they either don't answer or are too damn expensive.

The little kitty is still with us. He's as tamed as a kitten can be, and he's sleeping on my lap as I type this entry. Andrew's coworker ended up not adopting him so now we're scrambling to find him a home.

Meanwhile, my poor Nico, the sweetest cat, the one who's helped us socialized this kitty, got a skin disease. To me there's no doubt that it had to do with this kitty. He plays rough and scratched Nico badly several times. The kitten and Marla (my other cat) are fine. Nico grew up abandoned so he didn't build a good immune system. We have to keep him isolated in the guest room while the vet figures out what it is, in case is contagious to the other cats or to us humans. But he likes being surrounded by people so, regardless of the risk, Andrew and I visit him often and take turns to sleep with him every night.

Hey, it's march already! Today marks the 3rd anniversary of my arrival to Chile, Jesus Christ. Two days ago I remembered it was Joseph's birthday but he hasn't been important to me in a long time now. I dreamed of him a while ago, thought about mentioning it here and then decided I didn't care to talk about that. I can't even remember what the dream was about, and that's how I feel about him in general. I'm glad. I spent years traumatized and I feared I'd always care.

Dinner time!!!

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