A spike in productivity thanks to a paper journal (and free time, maybe).
Monday, 02.09.2015 - 10:11 pm.

I went to the capital city last thursday indeed. It was stupid to travel 800 kms. to just put my fingerprints on a piece of paper. It angered me. I could've done that the day they cancelled my original appointment in november. They couldn't even tell me when my passport will be ready. That'll be another trip.

At least now I got a place to stay in the city, a friend of Andrew's that now is also my friend. We got to walk around the city and we went for lunch. I really love hanging out with her and I always look forward to seeing her.

And we'll see her tomorrow. She's coming to her hometown, about an hour and a half from where we live, for her mom's birthday. Andrew went to high school with her in that town, and I know he loves going there and telling me about his days of youth. Road trip! And we'll have cake and they'll make pancakes. It's going to be a nice get-together, it seems.

Speaking of Andrew, he and I have been on vacation for a week and a half. It's been all right, we've mostly been home with a few errands and meetings with friends here and there. I've been writing nearly everyday, on my blogs and on paper. My book of short stories is almost finished! Only one story left to review and then I will write a publishing house to pitch my work. I like to think they'll say yes but if they say no, I'll find other options.

I'm using my new paper journal to keep up with my writing. The last one was an extension of this diary, telling my day-to-day and such. It felt redundant even though I know nobody would read both. This new one is for drawings and ideas and is working out nicely.

I made an appointment with a doctor next week. This air bubble in my throat is getting worse and now I have to "throw up air" after every meal. I'm lucky to have a husband that does not take health lightly. He said, after lunch, that I was quiet. I told him about the air in my stomach/throat and how it made me so uncomfortable. "So make an appointment". See, I'd been thinking about it but thinking it is different than doing it, isn't it? I'm on a tight budget this month and I wanted to go next one. But next month we get back to work, as Andrew emphasized, and it won't be easier to go.

My yearly visit to a gynecologist is also overdue so I also looked her up. It turns out she has no availability for the rest of the month. I found two more doctors who were available next week but they're men. For a second I thought of overlooking that detail but considering my issues, I would really, really prefer a woman. It's a routine check-up (the sole idea makes me cringe though) so this one can wait a little bit. But not so much, I know.

That is all for now, bye.

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