From taking a break to taking a train.
Saturday, 10.17.2015 - 3:57 pm.

My new home wasn't complete until I got my invisible friend with me. I bought a pen tablet and got back on track with the Simeon strip, although sloppy and writer-blocked as usual. But it's great, I'm including writing in my daily routine now, that was the last thing that was missing from feeling entirely settled in a new country, with my tiny lovely family of a man and two cats.

As I mentioned in my last post, I'm really happy with my PhD studies. Every day I learn something new and get more clarity to keep going. I'm clear on the fact that I'm not going to revolutionize the world in any way with my findings (if I find anything at all), but hopefully I can contribute with valuable data. Hopefully.

Tomorrow, Andrew and I are taking a train to Manchester. Our first little trip! We're going to meet with his friend J and J's girlfriend, who are from Chile and are traveling across Europe. I haven't read much on what to do in the city, I think I'm being socially lazy, letting everybody else plan what to do. I have a few sightings in mind, but it's harder to make plans while in a group, so I'm just tagging along. Dude, I'm just happy to be here.

My mom has yet to start her chemo rounds, we're still waiting for news. But I already told my parents we're visiting in either January or March, and that has them in good spirits.

Oh. Tomorrow is the anniversary of me getting-dumped-and-not-realizing-it. It's been seven years, man, and the effects have been long-lasting, as you can tell by my need to keep talking about it. Alternatively, it is the anniversary of my graduation, when I became a psychologist. That, as you can tell by my current life conditions, also has had long-lasting effects. Awesome ones.

Ok, bye.

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