A happy anniversary in Liverpool and a horrible world.
Sunday, 11.15.2015 - 10:56 pm.

Today's our first wedding anniversary with Andrew! We've been on a celebratory mood all week, and yesterday we went to Liverpool. I was so excited, I'm a huge Beatles fan and I felt like I was going to meet someone famous and not just going to a city.

Of course, the news of the terrorist attacks in Paris the night before were a gray cloud above us. It was horrible in itself, and it brought out horrible attitudes in people. And now it brought bombs to a city, and I think, from my own perspective: well, you could say my home city is the headquarters of gangs, but if you go and bomb it because of it, there are still thousands (perhaps over a million) of people who have nothing to do with them and live there because people do not move on will alone.

So I am really angry at people who switch on and off their empathy, just like that. At people who are so clear on who "us" and who "them" are, and how that distinction colors the judgements they make of people losing their lives these days, but just cannot bare to be pointed out that they function like that.

See, I'm sorry, I'm not even in the mood to write. Suffice to say, about our trip yesterday, that perhaps I didn't stop grinning all day, even if it rained on us almost non-stop. And that I felt so lucky and blessed to have a partner in life who loves me and cares for me and shares my joys and sees me as his equal. I hope I am the same for him. Someone who was willing to, hell, encouraged me to, travel all across town (the bus ride was half-hour from the Albert Dock) just so I could see a gate -Strawberry Field- or a street -Penny Lane-. He wanted to go on a ferry and on the wheel and so we did, too, and it was so fun. It was just the most wonderful day, even though we were exhausted and we took the last train back to Sheffield and it was overcrowded with loud drunks.

It was just the most wonderful day for the two of us.

Peace. Please.

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