Remembering Weiland / Charity shop loot.
Saturday, 12.05.2015 - 7:04 pm.

This may sound strange but here it goes: yesterday I found out through Joe Perry that Scott Weiland had passed away. It sounds strange but that probably tells you a lot about my "emotional neighborhoods" (as my PhD supervisor calls them). This is one of them: those of my "idols", my favorite artists and celebrities. And thus yesterday I lost one of the dearest to me.

I came across the Stone Temple Pilots through Joseph, which is someone I don't care to think about anymore. But it's true, he loved them, he gave me their album No. 4 and, worst of all for me when he dumped me: Joseph looked a lot like an early 2000's version of Scott Weiland. No. 4 was the soundtrack to my Sunday afternoons in his bedroom.

I got the rest of my albums on my own, however, and made STP mine. I became a fan on my own. I followed Scott's solo career, and his song Paralysis was the Christmas song (sad, isn't it?) of my worst Christmas ever, that time when Joseph had just dumped me and admitted to living with his soon-to-be wife.

I always rooted for Scott. I thought he was very honest and felt he was quite in pain. I loved his autobiography, however heartbreaking. He had it rough with his addiction and bipolar disorder, on top of whatever else life threw at him (I haven't seen him much about his confession of being raped at 12 by an older guy). And yesterday I remembered he has two children and I found out they're now 15 and 13 and it's all so sad.

I hope you rest peacefully, Scott. Thank you for the music, for the emotions, for the memories.


Today's been a very productive day. My neck is sore right now but I don't want to leave the computer without updating, so here it is:

- I wrote and mailed a couple of letters for Amnesty International's Write for Rights, and you should too! I chose only two cases this year though, and one is from my home country. How do you jail someone for 30 years over a still-birth? Fucking hell.

- I made lunch. Which a lot of people do everyday around the world, including myself, but it was very nice.

- After lunch, Andrew and I went to the string of charity shops on the main street a few blocks away from our house. We've gone crazy. We went yesterday "just to take a look" and we ended up with some vinyls, including Paul McCartney's RAM*, two tiny christmas boots for our cats and a jumper for me. We found a furniture charity shop nearby that we'll be checking out frequently in case we find some things he has in mind.

* However, the vinyl inside the RAM sleeve is McCartney. Lolololol. I ain't even mad.

We went today because I wanted to buy a book. Any old book. That is all I wanted. I ended up with two books each by a Brontë sister, and five piano books*, and the Monty Python's autobiography** for Andrew. Andrew found a bunch of other vinyls, including Wings' Greatest for me.

* WE GOT A PIANO YESTERDAY!!! A Chilean family is moving away and they couldn't sell it. We only paid 20 pounds, the tip for the Chilean man who brought it to our house. Holy shit. I took piano lessons when I was in 8th grade so I have a lot to remember.

** One of my Christmas presents for Andrew is a t-shirt of the Ministry of Silly Walks. I have all his presents with me already, so I feel accomplished.

- After we came home from shopping, Andrew and I high-fived and had coffee with some apple things that were really good.

- I wrote a post for my Psych blog, and that left me exhausted.

I'm exhausted but life is good.

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