Written pieces.
Saturday, 02.25.2017 - 11:47 am.

I don't feel I have much to say at the moment, but I keep leaving pieces of me in written form all over. I've had this routine for months, maybe even a year or more, of writing three blog posts during weekdays: Psych blog on Monday, personal blog on Wednesday, and Simeon cartoons on Friday*. Then I come in here on Saturday. Plus writing the AF story every night, and (currently) occasional short stories for submission.

* 10 years this upcoming week! Nine, really, but I'm THAT good at Maths and I skipped a year. However, it still counts as 10 because the blog that started that comic strip was, for most of 2007, home to the very first draft of my AF story.

It's highly rewarding, writing. Though, to borrow from Hedwig and the angry inch, I do wish I was less "internationally ignored". I don't mean being a celebrity. I don't write for attention, but I do write, I think, some good things that I wish got some. Then again, attention comes in many forms, and just the thought of dealing with trolls makes my stomach turn, so perhaps I'm better off without fans that may be bring trolls in like a Trojan horse. Not really, but yeah.

Out in the Real World: I'm giving a lecture this Tuesday to Psych undergrads. Speaking of stomach turning. I'm excited because I sort of like teaching, but my anxiety pushes my heart to my tongue and I start speaking like I'm about to cry. That has also happened to me in the class with the professor who writes the blog I admire, and by the way, I've given up on trying to present myself before him as smart and capable to be considered a peer. I'm not, he's too good and intimidating (turns out, there's a plot in my AF story that's becoming my destiny: I can't impress him). Back to my class: I have rehearsed and I've fumbled a bit, but I'm confident I'll get most of it right. It's 50 minutes long. I can't get wait to finish the lecture. This responsibility has been on my neck for months.

I will go back to writing somewhere else. See you next week.

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