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Friday, Jan. 25, 2019 - 5:49 pm.

I think I might have the first draft of my thesis ready next week. It feels so good. By now I'm mostly editing, I've written or at least outlined everything I have to say. I might be getting too confident, though, because yesterday and today I've felt a bit relaxed, feeling I've made good progress within a reasonable time frame. Which is true, but yo, I'm not done yet. We'll see.

This week has been uneventful. At the most, I wrote a tweet that got over 200 likes and almost 100 RTs...and only one asshole response, because it was about feminism. It brought me over 15+ new followers, too. If I'm saying this is because I never thought reaching such numbers were possible for me, whose life is a stage that the audience ignores.

It's nothing, really. Such attention means nothing. I'd much rather have readers for my web-comic. It was exhausting having all these notifications, too, and the anticipation of assholes talking to me. But it was a quite alright feeling, I suppose it'd be nice to have it every once in a while. 

Today I got a letter from the NHS regarding my pap smear. I don't need to repeat the test! I don't have the virus! Yay. 

Andrew and I saw "Colette" this week. I have a membership with an independent cinema here, and, as they do every year, they gave me a free ticket for my birthday. Bless them. This movie was a great choice: A bisexual writer who reclaims what's hers? Hell, yes. The opening scene was me with my ginger cat every morning, and Andrew plays the role of the supportive butch lesbian lover rather than the burdening husband in my life. 

Lastly, after paying this month's rent today, I was delighted to find we had managed to save some money. Precisely today we got the electricity and gas bill, so all that money is now gone. Thank God we have money to pay the bills, my mother would say, indeed thanking God. Also, we'll live in this house until August 24th, then it's the end of our tenancy and maybe our life in the UK. Oh, dear.

Well, this entry was quite short for my standards. Cool. Bye.  

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