Oh God, I could do better than that
Saturday, May. 11, 2019 - 10:57 am.

I've had a calm, restful week, and yet I still didn't finish reading my thesis. I've been doing one chapter per day, and then I feel depleted. I still have time, so I'm not rushing or pushing myself.

The good news is that I've felt quite satisfied reading it. Sure, the thesis has some mistakes and typos, for sure some theoretical holes I'm missing, not to mention the unfortunate lack of significant findings and practical uses. Nevertheless, I think I've done a pretty good job! Give me my PhD!

Ok, I also don't make a lot of progress with the thesis because I dedicate the second half of every day to working on my story. Which I also didn't finish reading this week as I expected, but I will today. The story looks so much better now, after having my friend Virginia proofread it and crush my ego until it was reduced to ashes of absolute humiliation. I still found really cringy parts, but I can fix them in this round of corrections. I'm even thinking of entering it in another novel competition.

I've said this story is not worthy of winning anything, and that sentiment holds true for the most part. But I checked the first chapter of the latest winner of this one yearly novel competition, and OMG I can do better than that. I *do* better than that. Unfortunately, I realize, winning is not up to the text itself, but to what the judges like the most. I can certainly see my cute little story failing against this mess of intellectual words, which includes a woman being murdered to advance the plot (shocking). 

In other news, I went out with my friend I. last night. For dinner! And drinks! She's a good friend, and I've gone out with her before, so my head does not even fantasize anymore about this being a date (though she has gleefully granted me permission to brag about me going out with a British redhead in the future). As I've said before, she's quite straight and I'm not that charming. I didn't even make the effort, though I should have. But anyway. I had fun. I must cram in more dinner nights like this with her before I go. 

Today I have a baby shower to attend, which I'm not too thrilled about. I've stayed away from the heteronormativity of the Chilean community, but I really like the pregnant woman in question. Andrew and me will be there just for solidarity.

This is her third kid. She and her husband, who's the one getting a PhD here, arrived with one kid, and she has had the other two in a row. I don't doubt this is her decision, she seems happy with it, and more power to her; specially because she gets to have wonderful care at the hands of NHS staff, compared to the rough one she'd get in her country. But I've seen her husband treat her in a mocking, condescending way, and I wouldn't be so sure that he takes on his fair share of child-rearing duties. So Andrew and I are going, and our gift is a care package for new moms. And hopefully we can fuck right off before all the baby games start. 

And now, time to go do stuff. This is our last week before we take on our two-week trip to see my family. But I will not think about that just yet. I have some writing to do, and a Sunday street markets to attend. Bye!  

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