A lot of drag going on
Friday, Jun. 28, 2019 - 6:20 pm.

Brief follow-up to my writing under review: 

- I received an email regarding one of my three papers. It was rejected. I'm not even disappointed, I knew I was aiming too high. Plus, the editor was gracious enough to point out why she was rejecting it without passing it on to reviewers. It was helpful feedback, so next week I'll look into fixing it and submitting it somewhere else. 

- I received the corrections for my thesis. It's a list of 16 items, not too bad, although it feels like it'll take me forever to get them done. I've crossed four of the list already, though! If I fix one or two items per day, I'll be done by mid-July. Not bad at all.

- Most importantly: the editor of my second book sent my manuscript to his own editor, from a huge Latin American publishing house. I know I should end that sentence with an exclamation point, but I'm not too excited. See, I'm absolutely grateful and happy that somebody was kind enough to open such a big door for me. Having someone from a major publishing house reading my work is something I could not have achieved on my own. I'm not too hopeful, though, because I don't feel that my story is something that editors are looking for. But hey, fingers crossed! (exclamation mark and all).  

- Lastly: I'm waiting for my LGBTQ-related column to be published in the online newspaper. I was hoping it would come out today, but my editor for this one has been a bit slow. I mean, I understand she has her hands full at her job, not a fault there. Maybe it will come out later today. It doesn't really matter, though. I wasn't entirely happy with the final version, and I'm no one, so whatever I say will go unnoticed and fade into irrelevance pretty quickly. The latter, on the other hand, shall keep me safe from too much attention, including that of the negative, harassy variety. 

Speaking of coming out today: why, yes, it's Pride today. I've been feeling out of the queer world lately, but when have I ever felt like I belong there. Also, I think I'm going to a drag king show tomorrow night. It looks like I'm going alone, and without any social pressure it's even more tempting to stay home, but...I've never been to a drag show. And it's safer to be out here than in my home continent, it's safer to walk alone here, and I'm about to lose all that in a few months, so why not go?

Fun fact: I was invited to a Chilean all-girls get-together tomorrow afternoon, too. It feels good having the choice between hanging with a bunch of foreign cis-heterosexual strangers, and a bunch of foreign queer strangers. I know I'm the foreign one in both scenarios, because I'm neither from Chile or the United Kingdom, but they're all the foreign ones to me. 

One last thing. Half a block away from my house, in the social club around the corner, a crew is filming scenes for "everybody's talking about Jamie". I bet there's a lot of drag going on inside the club, but I'm too shy to go stand in the corner and try to take a peek. I guess I'll have to wait until the movie comes out. It'll hit me harder when I see all those other places from this city in the movie. "Hey, I used to live there". 

Ok, this is my update for this week. By the way, I suppose I'm done with my crush, too, she's still at Glasto and she's still way out of my league (and age range). Happy Pride!  

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