Wedding anniversary but make it queer
Saturday, Nov. 14, 2020 - 5:34 pm.

Tomorrow is our 6th wedding anniversary. Because the city's on lockdown again, and because caf├ęs usually don't open on Sundays, we've ordered our celebratory food today.

I'm waiting for a fancy cocktail table for two to be delivered. Andrew, as a surprise, ordered a cake that I saw some time ago, with the eyes and horn of a unicorn and with the colors of the bisexual flag (unintentional from the bakery, I assure you). I'd seen this design at Niece #2's birthday party last year, too... no, this year! It feels so long ago! But anyway, her birthday party was all decorated like a bi coming out party.

At the time I found that cake design in a local bakery here, Andrew wasn't out of the closet, so it made no sense getting it just for me. Now the two of us can actually enjoy it. Actually, it still doesn't make a lot sense to get it, as the smallest size is for 15 people and it's just the two of us around. Lockdown rules require a permit to circulate for a good reason, so it's unlikely we'll be able to share the cake with friends. We can still share with the apartment building caretakers, though.

Andrew also got a vodka bottle with the Pride flag design. We're going full queer for this wedding anniversary, eh? Blessed be.

I had to cancel tonight's videocall with my girlfriend, but she understood. She knows this is how things are. We've been better this week, also, I got over the drama of my newspaper column. We still might talk about it at some point, as she's asked about it, but in that case, it'd be just to get things off my chest. It doesn't feel relevant anymore.

speaking of the column, the day after my last entry, my dad brought it up. He and my mom have become furiously pro-government, so obviously he didn't like that I wrote about political stuff and had An Opinion about it. He didn't openly disagree with me but repeated some shit from the official discourse, and threw in some nasty Men's Rights Activist shit that left me REELING for most of the week. Not even gonna go into that.

I'm just gonna focus on the fact that I married a smart, compassionate man, and the home I've built with him protects me from the shitty world made up of people who think like my dad. Andrew actually encouraged me to hang up on my dad if he pulls that crap again, but that'd also mean cutting off my mom and leaving her even more isolated and alone with him. Plus, I'm not equipped to face the aftermath of hanging up on my father. The idea seemed nice, though, and I appreciated Andrew putting that image in my head.

Oh, well. This weekend is for celebration. I'm grateful for finding Andrew, being with him truly opened the doors to the world for me while also making a cozy little world just for the two of us (and the cats). He's just my life.

Take care of yourself. Stay safe.

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