Getting the project going and non-work life
Friday, Apr. 30, 2021 - 6:00 pm.

It's dark and it's raining. Still not as cold as I'd expect it for this time of year, but that's not such a bad thing here, where there's lots of people who can't afford proper heating systems and homeless animals.

The week has been great. I'm enjoying work a lot. My research project is getting off the ground. I'm getting authorizations for data collection, feedback from expert judges about a scale, drafts from my thesis students.

I'm supervising three thesis, four students in total, and the four of them will be meeting one another next week so we can organize the pilot test of the survey. I'm excited, and they seem pretty excited too. It's not just the subject (sexual orientation and well-being), which is already something they're all into, but it's the sense of belonging to something bigger. A bigger group with a common -and not too popular- interest that will get something done. I guess. That's the social psychologist in me talking.

There are things happening outside work, of course. I'm donating two of my books to a trans kid (alright, an adult but still younger than me), so he can get a raffle going and be able to afford his top surgery. I hope he makes the goal. It seems he will, there's lots of people supporting the cause, as far as I can tell.

Also, my girlfriend is setting up an IG account for my old comics. This is very much her project, running the account and everything. I do have to redo most of that content, but I'm all up for a makeover of those old Simeon strips that I made with MS Paint. I think they're brilliant, despite the humble illustrations. I think very highly of my comic. It's a shame only two or three people truly appreciate them, but I still think they're the best thing I have ever done (and continue doing) in my life.

This project also tells you how much of a fan Helen is of my comics. I'm very grateful that she wants to do this. There's a raging entrepreneur in her too, so she has an eye for this shit. I mean, now that I see it, it makes sense. If you have no fans, like me, it makes more sense to have them on a popular platform rather than on their own website which people will hardly come across, unless by accident.

I have other things going, like writing a column this weekend. The new government in my home country goes into full effect tomorrow and I'm fucking terrified. I'm really scared and I wish my siblings and nephew and her girlfriend got out of there. I'm really lucky that I'm not there, not only due to the whole dictatorial climate but to the microsystem of my parents who support that climate. Worse than this new government is that it is fully supported by enough people who are buying into the propaganda and are just so hateful, aggressive and irrational.

I'm getting a stomachache.

Also, LOL the column has got nothing to do (directly) with the goverment, actually. But it is in that digital newspaper that my parents now loathe so much because it's anti-government (honestly, that's the government's own doing for being corrupt). The column is about Mother's Day and the care economy. Not too thrilled about writing columns in general anymore, but it's nice that someone thinks I have something interesting to say.

Anyway, it's almost time to shut down my work computer (I'm writing this entry in it) for the weekend and go prepare for a relaxing Friday night with Andrew. Good food, wine, and music. Always a highlight of our week.

Take care of yourself. Stay safe. See you in May.

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