Kids in homes
Friday, Jul. 02, 2021 - 6:01 pm.

Here I am on my newly established routine of writing in here during work hours on a Friday. I'm sorry, by 4 pm Friday I can't get anything done. Specially today, in which I did get stuff done at work.

Supposedly, you always get work done, though. Like on Wednesday. I'd tell you I didn't do a thing, but I actually went to buy a printer(!!!) for my research project. Look at me, getting money to conduct research! So Andrew tells me stuff like this contributes to my work, even if it means spending a good part of the morning lining up on a sidewalk in the cold, waiting to get in the store to pick up my purchase.

Things keep going well, God bless (do remember I'm a Raised Catholic). I'm enjoying my project and making progress with it, Andrew and I made a particular effort to have quality time together, friends and family remain healthy, my comic strip is growing-ish*... it's all good.

*As always, shout out to my lovely girlfriend who's making this happen.

This week, Andrew and I had our first meeting with the psychologist for our psych assessment for the adoption process. She was quite nice, but gave us bad news: The whole government unit dedicated to children's welfare is changing, for the worst.

Most, if not all external evaluators (social workers and psychologists) in the region, are quitting over the impending changes to the law and the welfare office. Hell, and it already was a limited pool, we only had two social workers and three psychologists to choose from, for hundreds of cases. Andrew and I have ended up among the last couples to enter an already precarious process, that will become even more precarious.

This might delay our adoption even longer because our assessment is good for one year. Since our current social worker and psychologist will be gone by then, if our assessment expires and we need to renew it, we might need to go through the whole process again. Shit, we're already almost two years in and we haven't even been declared as fit candidates yet.

Andrew and I do want a kid now, but we're not desperate, nor have we agonized over infertility. We are privileged in this sense, we are not suffering. But other people are. It's devastating and heartbreaking, not only for the people jumping hoops for years to adopt, but all the more so for the kids in the homes.

There are the most chilling reports and videos about all kinds of abuse and neglect going on inside the homes. I feel so much anguish about those kids, and when I think that my child will most likely go through some of that abuse and neglect (hopefully not!), on top on the trauma of both living with and being taken away from his family of origin.

We can't do anything at the moment to speed up the process. This thing is truly out of our hands. What a horrible thing to do to the kids and to people who could very well be taking care of them. We just remain patient and we'll take this long-ass time to prepare.

Jesus fucking Christ.

On happier news, my boss is coming over tonight for drinks. We really need to catch up and blow off some steam. Andrew was also her right hand years ago, when she had a very demanding and high-ranked position, so they know all the twisted games going on in the underbelly of uni. This evening should be good.

I should go help with preparations for this evening. Take good care of yourself.

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