Frustrated and stuck
Saturday, Oct. 30, 2021 - 12:13 pm.

Thankfully, I am well rested from the uni break the previous week. This week I've had a few small but nevertheless frustrating events, and without that break, I would've had a meltdown or several ones.

The first frustrating event was that I couldn't take my driving exam on Tuesday morning. A friend of Andrew's kindly lent me his car (I've driven it before, to go see the in-laws), but all of the vehicle's paperwork had to be printed, and he had one document only in digital version. The evaluator was very kind, but he still sent me home.

Right away, the friend took me to get a new exam date. He took that opportunity to pick up his new driving license at the same office. He had to give it back, though, because the name on the license had a typo. When he told me that I just started laughing, because that morning had been a huge disappointment and there was nothing left to do but laugh. My new driving exam is on November 12th.

Then, I'm trying to get the money I saved in the pension scheme in my home country before I moved out. That entails having a video call with someone from the pension company (scheduled for November 8th) because I need to open up a virtual account to download a certificate but the site doesn't recognise my credentials. I will never get a response if I contact them online.

I need to open that account and get that certificate for the embassy of my country here. I have to present them with some paperwork, including the certificate, so they can speak to the pension company and guarantee I live here. The embassy is 800 kms away from me, and I have to travel all the way there to personally deliver the package of documents. Yet I have to set up that appointment at the embassy online.

Also, I tried to book an appointment online with a new dentist, who is an expert on jaw pain. I'm in a truly sore need to be checked. It's a lifetime problem but I've asked dentists for years in the three countries I've lived and none have picked up a thing about this chronic pain. I found this doctor via my uni, and she seems to be what I need.

Anyway, I did the online booking but the clinic didn't get back to me. I had to call them days later and book the appointment by phone (November 16th, and the first consultation with this dentist is SO expensive! I hope it's worth it). Fine, the clinic for whatever reason doesn't work with online booking, but then why do they give me the option?!

I feel like I should've gained something this week (a driver's licence, having the embassy backing up my pension claim), but no, nothing. I feel like the goal post for Things To Happen keeps moving. We're stuck. Nothing's happening.

No news about Andrew's application for research funding and a uni post. The adoption psychologist hasn't finished our assessment report, when it should've been submitted to the government by now. Even the sofa we bought months ago, which would allow us to watch TV without getting cramps like the current sofa does, is not coming until November 27th, at the very least.

We're in pain, too. Andrew and I have suffered from assorted, random ailments this week. Him, back pain and allergies; me, back teeth and jaw and foot/leg (which is something I'm also waiting to get checked, once I sort out dates and budget for all the above shit). It hasn't been a bad week, but it wasn't good either.

Lastly, I had the costume party for a friend last Saturday. It was OK. Andrew and I didn't dress up but neither did most guests. I didn't know most people and didn't click with anyone for a conversation, so I was just happy for my friend's birthday, listened to Andrew catch up with our friend's husband (last time we saw him was in Sheffield, two years ago), and waited for a sensible time to leave. 

Tonight we're meeting with friends, just two other couples. I'm actually looking forward to this. Then, we were supposed to be having coffee with the in-laws right now. They are coming into town for All Saints' Day, to visit Andrew's brother and grandparents in the cemetery. Anyway, they changed plans and are coming in later, so here I am, pouring my heart out in this diary.

I hope life moves forward for us in November. Please, let something good happen soon. And hopefully we'll be eligible for another boost of the vaccine, just to be safe.

Take care <3 

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