Another long-ass week but the company's the best
Friday, Nov. 19, 2021 - 10:47 pm.

Last week I was so disheartened about everything that I didn't even mention that it was our wedding anniversary on Monday. So yeah, it was.

Hence, Monday was a nice day in which Andrew and I took it easy at work, we ran some errands, and got ourselves a pleasant lunch. We said, "well, it's no Berlin", because for our 2018 anniversary we spent a week in Berlin and it was one of our best trips ever, but what matters is that we're together. We make each other happy. I'm really grateful and so full of love for him. He's the Bowie to my Iman.

Speaking of which, Andrew also got me a vinyl record of Bowie's "Lodger", in a nod to our Berlin trip. This was the one record of the "Berlin trilogy" he could find (the least Berlin of them all), although our time in that city and the whole vibe that we got from being there was very much in line with the instrumental songs from the other two records of the trilogy.

Anyway. Small pockets of joy.

On another front, I found a dentist who specializes in jaw pain and went to see her this week. She just READ me. I have a broken-ish jaw and I very much live in pain. I knew most of what she said, but also I learned so much about the connection between skin, muscles and my dislocated bone.

She can't fix the latter (same as my dislocated tailbone, WTF is wrong with me breaking bones that cannot be fixed), but she'll do some rehab to spare my head muscles, and then I have to go to physiotherapy for the neck and to a gastro doctor because reflux also plays a role in bruxism. Jesus Fucking Christ. I have a very expensive treatment ahead, but I still can't believe I actually found someone who looked into this misery with so much knowledge and care.

Other than that, though, it's been another long-ass week of little consequence. Still no news about Andrew's research grant, so we can fucking know if he'll be employed or not next year. Fuck precarity in academia.

Also, we've learned that the adoption psychologist hasn't probably even started our report for child services, after over two months of finishing our interviews. We're angry, and we're scared that some of our documents might expire soon and we might have to go through part of the process (or all of it!) from the start again. I try not to think about this too much but I'm really angry.

My period's coming so I shall stop here. We're doing well, all in all. Just tired of being stuck.

Stay safe. Keep wearing a mask.

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