Speed of time and lurking fascists
Saturday, Nov. 27, 2021 - 9:01 pm.

Another week that felt extremely long. It wasn’t bad, but time seems to be going so painfully slowly. I know soon enough I will be complaining that time’s going too fast, but we’re not there yet.

Things are OK. Andrew and I have had an uneventful week, except for me getting x-rays of my jaw followed by us stopping for coffee (always a welcome event for us), and then going to my boss’ house last night for a lovely dinner and chat. Then stuff happening at work. Then us just waiting.

We’re waiting for our fucking report for the adoption process, which the psychologist hasn’t finished, two months later than agreed. We’re waiting for the results of Andrew’s application for a research grant to know if he’ll have income secured for a couple of years. Can we please move along with these two issues, please? We’re tired of waiting.

ALSO: presidential elections were held here last weekend. We were too close to having a literal nazi as president, but there was a tie with the left-wing candidate and the second round is on December 19th.

It's terrifying, the possibility of having another fascist president. Luckily, I’ve seen the best election campaign ever to attract the votes of the undecided for the left: memes and shit-posting and talking the language of The Aunts and everyday people.

It’s not being condescending, it's respecting other people's way of engaging with politics outside intellectual, technical, inaccesible language. It's been a great lesson on how to talk to people, and I hope to God it works.

If the nazi wins, I feel I run the risk of losing my little lab on sexuality and gender that I’ve been building since I came back from the UK. I now have five students under my care. I am openly queer, and at least three of my students are visibly queer. A few weeks ago, right-wing politicians requested that universities gave the list of their academics working on gender issues, supposedly to question where their funding came from(?). If the nazi wins, stuff like this will be just the beginning.

I can’t vote here yet, and I don’t have people to convince in my circle (one, maybe, but she’s a lost cause, she has money and the privilege of saying “ugh, I don’t care for politics”). But still I share the memes and show support not only to my friends, but also to the independent businesses/communities that I follow that are vocal about the dangers of the far-right.

I hope we win.

I think this week will go by more quickly. On Monday we (FINALLY) get our new couch. On Wednesday, Andrew and I fly to the capital so I can run an errand at the embassy of my home country; he’s coming along for the ride. On Friday, I have my driving test again, after failing the first time.

Despite feeling that time’s going slowly, it’s going. I’m traveling to my home country in a month. I haven’t talked about Helen here since we broke up, but our relationship has remained pretty much the same, and I’m fucking excited to meet her there (she’s traveling from Canada early December). I still think of her and get like that horny cartoon wolf that whistles at a hot girl and has his heart jumping out of his chest for her.

But I only whistle at her with her consent.

I leave on Christmas Day, but I’m starting to pack my suitcase(!). I’m trying to see how everything fits, and to meet the weight limit with all the gifts and copies of my book that I’m taking.

This is all for now. Let’s keep being safe, wearing masks, washing hands, and fighting fascism.

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