So it happened.
Saturday, Jun. 04, 2022 - 7:43 pm.

Well, shit. I got covid. I think for the first time since the pandemic started I got a cold and felt confident it wasn’t covid XD It’s been down to -4 °C and the apartment building has no insulation(!), so it was natural that I'd fall with a sore throat and a bit of fever.

Andrew caught the virus somewhere last week, in uni or in therapy, and he showed symptoms by last weekend. I started to feel sick a couple of days later. I work from home, and while I had two few face-to-face encounters (with masks on!) that week, there was no one to notify given my contagion time frame.

It’s been like a rough cold. I used to fall violently ill at the end of every semester in uni and this wasn’t so different from that, haha. I’ve mostly felt exhausted, and I’m also very prone to that, or used to be before I took to exercising and eating better. What I’m trying to say is that it’s been rough, but nothing I haven’t experienced before.

I did get uneasy, of course, thinking I have the same thing that killed two of my closest cousins two years ago. But yeah, that was two years ago and time hasn't passed in vain. I’m thankful for the four shots, the meds and whatever else has helped Andrew and me get through this.

I told my family. Brother #2 specialises in lungs and is checking up on us everyday. I’m kind of regretting having told my parents because now they are too worried. Understandable, but also unnecessary.

The good news is that on Tuesday there was a PCR testing site on campus (we live across the street from uni), so it was easy for us to go and get the confirmation. On our way back home, Andrew was notified that his contract with uni was ready for him to sign! He stayed outside the building while someone -who’d already had covid recently- brought out the contract. It was that or keep working without a salary for a third month.

The good news was him signing his contract, not the PCR test. But that was convenient.

Anyway! I’m resting. I’m listening to my body. I think the symptoms are going away slowly, but I’m very tired, I cough and I feel a rapid heartbeat here and there. But neither of us has had trouble breathing nor has lost the sense of taste or smell, and that alone is great news.

We’re a bit worried about passing on the virus to our cats, but they seem fine so far. And lots of friends have been checking up on us, plus our families, so we feel supported and well taken care of <3

Stay safe, you hear! Keep wearing your mask, keep your distance, and eat your fruits and veggies.

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