Fuck yeah Christmas shopping
Saturday, Dec. 03, 2022 - 5:13 pm.

I'm two weeks away from traveling to my home country. I can officially start packing and planning.

I had the day of my dreams today. Andrew and I went Christmas shopping and out for breakfast, as early as the mall opens, and we were out before it got crowded. We also stopped by my favorite store here, which only sells stuff from independent makers.

It's a very capitalist dream, I admit it, but I love hanging around Christmas paraphernalia and it was a lovely time with Andrew, especially when we stopped for breakfast and coffee. We both love shopping and getting gifts for people, provided the place isn't crowded.

We had a modest shopping list and budget because we're still saving for a house. We finally heard back from the owner of the house we want, he still isn't sure about moving out. Dude wants to move into a new house and pay it straight away in cash (must be nice), so he's stalling the sale of his current house. It's just as well. We need to save a lot of money for the down payment.

Back to my home country and family news: I learned that Brother #1 and his family won't travel for Christmas, which broke my heart a bit. I haven't seen them in so long, and between money and schedules, we can't travel across the continent to visit one another and hang out. I'm not sure if Brother #2 and his family will make it either. But at least I'll see my parents, and my sister, and Brother and Sister-in-law #3.

Helen's already there, too. She got her gallbladder removed and is now recovering. She'll pick me up at the airport when I arrive on the 17th. I'm past any romantic or sexual feelings toward her (though don't quote me on the latter), but she is my friend and we have tons of plans to hang out.

Andrew is wrapping presents and I too should go and take care of some stuff.

Be well, stay safe.

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