A house gone and a job made up of interruptions
Saturday, Mar. 11, 2023 - 4:17 pm.

Well, the house we wanted got away. Surprisingly, we're not that dissapointed. The lady selling it increased the price she bought it for by 25-30 thousand USD. She bought it in December and all she did was get it painted and cleaned. She's just trying to make the new buyer pay for her bad business.

In the end, I think the story is that her daughter bought that house. She was the buyer that snatched it from our hands the first time, around September last year. Then the lady hired a childhood friend to do some house improvement and this friend died by suicide in that house in December/January.

Then, for whatever reason it turned out she'd made a bad business, without her husband knowing, and now she couldn't even walk into the house after her friend's death. She just told another contractor to do whatever was needed, without her so much as handing him a list of tasks nor a budget. Also, she can't sell it so soon after buying it without paying major taxes or whatever so there, she's stuck with massive losses of different kinds.

We feel for her. Our real state agent has told us the above story as it has been developing since early February. We knew someone had died in that house, I think I mentioned it in a previous entry. But we didn't know all the details. It sounds like she didn't know what she was doing and expected to simply get a profit quickly.

I was saying: we feel for her, but we will not carry the burden of her bad business. Pass. Even if we could afford it, it'd feel like a scam after all we know, and after comparing that house to others that have been for sale and that we've seen in the same neighborhood.

We'll just keep looking.

Besides that, I just have work talk and it might be boring. I'll just say that I become what I feared: an academic that spends her days in meetings, presentations, thesis exams, supporting teaching, main teaching, and whatever else but just cannot get her own damn research done.

But I have two things going on for me in all this mess: I LOVE what I do (it's a relevant subject and it's personally meaningful, I get to learn more about it everyday, other people are interested in my line of research, etc.), and as of this month, I'm getting a higher salary OMFG. And these are the two things anybody should be so lucky to have in their job.

Anyway, that's all I'll say about work, because even though I am swamped with pending tasks that I'd like to discuss, I'm also trying to leave work at my office. Especially during the weekend.

Not gonna get much into this either, but my whole body is fucked up: digestive system, bones, and above all the jaw fracture. I function normally but not without something always bothering me or keeping me in pain. This makes me want to cry, but there are certain reasons that absolutely discourage me from seeking a doctor for any of these things (two of three of the above have been medically addressed, and yet, here I am).

That's all for now. Andrew and I have to go meet up with some friends, and before that, drive around in nearby neighborhoods to see if there are other houses for sale.

Can I just say... I'm resenting a bit not having as much time available for drawing. I feel like I'm getting burdened with lots of small things that I have to solve, work and nonwork-wise, and you know, that's just life. But I wish I had some time and energy and emotional bandwith left to dedicate to my personal projects.

Take care!

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