Painters 'R' us, the voices.
Sunday, 12/15/02 - 8:36 pm.

Hi, I've been busy painting my bedroom walls. I blame it on Aerosmith.

It actually was more of a reflex. I took my Aerosmith poster off the wall and realized how much the color of the wall sucked.



In caps because we were yelling because I was in my bedroom and she was...not.

idr36gfqcaidhqh denotes my thoughts before I yelled.

idr36gfqcaidhqh means:
"Geez, the stupid masking tape stained the could think that someone like me, a huge Aerosmith fan, would have the posters of her Idols in a cleaner wall...I'll clean this wall...maybe I should change the color...this one sucks, who the fuck picked that color out? Norman always says he'd like to paint his bedroom black...nah, I wouldn't pain it black...but why not paint it some other color that doesn't make the room look like the light bulb is on all the time? It'd be a hobby, and I would change this lameass rutine of mine...and it's a change of enviroment...I've never painted a wall in my life...I'll ask my mom..."

(oh, the speed of thoughts...)

And that's when the yelling happened. She said that it was a great idea and that she was happy for me, and encouraged me to go get all the tools right away. I wasn't expecting it to happen so fast, but I was happy to finally do something different in my life. And I'd get to see the results in my everyday life, too. Finally a change of enviroment. Sponsored by myself.

So I went to the mall with my parental units -they kept encouraging me and telling me it was a great idea and were happy that I was very "creative" and I had decided to make changes by myself and...stuff-. I realized how important Do-it-yourself shops, a la Home Depot, are. And after more problems than I expected, I was home, with a brush in my hand.

I haven't finished yet, so I really have no comments. But it's fun.

Michaelangelo (the artist, not the Ninja Turtle) has gained more respect to my eyes now. It's not easy to paint a wall (if you care for the details and for it to look neat)...let alone a ceiling with human figures.

I wanted to leave a wall with the old color, and just write down messages on it. Some kind of tribute to the voices in my head. In fact, this afternoon I wrote HI! on the wall next to the one I'd already painted. I think it's a brilliant idea, and it'd look spooky and picturesque.

Imagine walking into your bedroom and having one wall with messages: HI!, LEAVE ME ALONE!, You suck, Aerosmith rocks my lungs off and shit...with Simeon and Aerosmith drawings, too. Think of the possibilities.

And to top it off, glow-in-the-dark stars (although they don't make sense together, because if you turn on the lights you can't see them glow and if you turn it off you can't read the messages).

I showed my mom the HI! accross the wall and told her my idea.

Mom: No.way.

I was going to ask her why not, but the answer to "why not?" by your mother can leave you with a feeling of inferiority and insignificance.

I still think it's a nice idea, though.


In response to my questions, regarding my christmas card sent to Denver, Cel said: no, his parents aren't *that* freaky...but his siblings are *that* mean...

I'm 99% sure he didn't, hasn't and won't get the christmas card I sent.



I still think that bedroom wall would look nice with messages on it, that'd make you feel schizophrenic.

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