Last entry of the year.
Tuesday, 12/31/02 - 1:56 pm.

I have a few plans for the Aerosmith New Year's Eve concert (*heart*) and wish a happy birthday to Tom Hamilton (*double heart*)

I could rant about this year. A lot. But I woke up with a swollen skull, and its side effects (headache, stuffed nose, sleepy eyes, sorethroat, pain deep inside in my ears...), and I don't feel like sitting here, typing my brains out.

Today I don't feel like being loved, either (whatever that means...that thought crossed my mind this morning).

I'm just going to rush this entry, because the Billboard Awards are about to come on, and I have to tape Steven Tyler spitting out his bubble gum.

I feel very lame for not writing something thoughtful and reflective as the last entry of the year....but hey, this entry contains the keywords: Tom Hamilton and Steven Tyler, so it's 2/5 good.

It's funny to think that it's already New Year in Australia. It feels like we live in the past.

Well, a few last words....err, in words of the Fight Club narrator: I can't think of any.

Of course, except for HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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