Dad and John are writers, and look at the Toxic Twins.
Wednesday, 01/15/03 - 9:39 pm.

This evening my father introduced to the public a book he wrote. He's a writer, a poet. Yeah, he's kind of famous. Not famous-famous but he's got his share of fame.

So a lot of people gathered at a local book store, even Cel arrived. It was nice, everything was nice. Everybody loves my dad's new book.

I hung around with Cel afterwards, we looked at all kinds of books, specially Rock Music books. There were books about Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison, a lot of rock bands...yes, even Aerosmith.

Hi, I'd like to dedicate this paragraph to the new addition to my Aerosmith library: a book named......err, "Aerosmith".

BUT...NO BEATLES BOOKS!!! I was deeply disappointed. There were John Lennon books, but right now I'm more interested in The Beatles' story, not in just a single member. I will get John's books later.

I specially love the "Paul is dead" story.

So...the Aerosmith's nothing out of this world. I already know their story from A to Z. But hey, it has pictures I had never seen, from their Spain tour (Dear Aerosmith: spanish fans love you). The Kings taking a rest...and there's Steven and Joe....Good God, I can't even explain it.


Steven meditating before the concert. I died laughing...he wasn�t "meditating"...he's grinning and his mouth looks like a fuckin' piano!

*melts again*

I haven't eaten anything since lunch. I'm gonna have to go to bed at 12:30 am at least, due to all the homework. I can't even start reading the damn Aerosmith book.

Let's see, I eat twice a day, I go to the bathroom 4 times a day, I don't get a lot of sleep...I love my life. I can't wait until this routine burns me down and I die.

Simeon: It's not a routine, bitch. It's just today's schedule.

I feel my bad mood building up. I'm becoming a drama queen.

Quick, Simeon, go get us a helmet!!!

*Simeon rushes*

By the way, the guy told me last night that I was a prostitute.

Not's a long story, but I got to insult him (*evil grin*). He claims I'm an angelface to be loved and respected. But he also says turn me on.

He is the prostitute.

He sucks.

Everybody sucks.

Except me, because I have a new Aerosmith book, and you don't.

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