Nutcracker, awful possibilities and good times.
Wednesday, 12/17/03 - 11:35 am.

I went yesterday to see The Nutcracker, perfomed by 4th graders (my niece included). Maybe those performances with costumes and singing and all that is usual here, but it amused me. It was really beautiful.

I looked around and everybody had fair hair and pretty faces. It's just weird, how everyone is so pretty here, physically speaking. I was a little embarrased. But maybe I've been reading too many diaries from teens, because I get the feeling the teens (preteens) I was seeing were fucked up or were going to get fucked up in a couple of years. Even when I look at Rebeca with her blonde friend, knowing they're best friends on and off (sometimes they fight and it gets ugly, and they stop speaking to each other) kind of scares me. They'll fall in love with each other, they'll end up hurt saying "I love you, you didn't love me" just to make themselves believe it and they'll become cutters. I'm oh, so very creative this morning.

I try not to think of my home, because I know I'll get nostalgic. I don't want to, because then I feel impotent. But it's ok. I'm so happy here, it's really cool. There's always something to do, even if it's housework. I don't mind doing housework, because at home there's Rose, the housekeeper, so I rarely get to wash dishes or such (I'm not a slacker, though, I do make my bed and take care of my own clothes of course), now it's my opportunity. Cooking is something I've never learned, although I'd like to. It's fun. I can barely cook, but I manage to go through lunch time. I hope I'll learn more.

Rebeca said I have lots of cool stuff. Meaning I am cool. God, I felt so flattered when she said that. It's just flattering when she says she wants a certain thing to be like mine, or do it like I do. "I think I got my low voice from you", she told me last night, when I was singing and playing guitar (yes, sir, I am improving). And that's when she said I have many cool stuff. But defnitely, the best thing she's inherited from me is the love for The Beatles.

And they lived happily ever after (I'm getting lamer and lamer at coming up with clever ending sentences).

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