Description of day and Knights Of The Zodiac, dude.
Sunday, 12/21/03 - 10:33 pm.

The day started out very early, so that I could tape something Aerosmith related. Then my brother and I were going to go shopping, but time ate us up and so we decided to go to mass with the kids and the sister in law. I don't know why I wanted to go. I'm not an atheist (as a matter of fact, I strongly believe in God), but I just don't go to mass. I wanted to go this time, though. I know I'd have felt terrible if I hadn't.

Finally, we got to go shopping at noon. I spent more than I expected, which won't stop bothering me, but I bought the presents for the kids, and some things for myself. But I'm trying to avoid capital sins on shopping. Only buy the necessary. And if it's decorative and/or useless, it shouldn't be very expensive.

After shopping it was going to a park for a few hours, but that wasn't as fun as yesterday's trip to Hermann park. It was alright, though. And then (by 7 o'clock) eating at Fuddrockers. I ATE AT THE BEATLE CORNER!!!! When we first went into the restaurant, the table at that corner was occupied, but just when the device started to light up, telling us our order was ready, the people at the Beatle table left. And so I went and took over, followed by the family. It was neat. Like, totally. Only the pictures of The Beatles, on the wall, were glued to it, so I couldn't take any home.

And then it was coming home, and it was watching the last half of Titanic. We caught it right when the iceberg apppeared. How awful.

I watched Knights Of The Zodiac last night. GOOD LORD, IT WAS TERRIBLE!!!! The United States versions sucks so much, perhaps she'd care to know. What first struck me was the way they talk. They talk so...spicylessly or something. With stupid lines that don't match the dramatic situation going on. The blood is green (both hilarious and pathetic). The background music has changed, big mistake. And....oh, yes. Cygnus Hyoga (one of the "knights") talks like a surfer. Docrates, duuuude.... It's sad.That's not how it goes. So sad. And the scenes are parted by dumb clips of the golden cloth and such. The show's been terribly torn apart by "americanization" (I usually don't refer to the United States as America, as you may know, but I'm forced to use the term, for the lack of a more suitable word).

Yes, I'm done bitching. I'm actually planning on keeping the real emotions of this day to myself, hence why I'm only writing what I did. And that is because I'm too lazy and too tired to keep on talking. This has got to be one of the longest days of my life, but, seriously, it was well lived.

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