Money, books and social unneeds.
Tuesday, 12/23/03 - 2:35 pm.

Luckily, yesterday was a day free of fights. Everything was peaceful, the kids got along just fine all day long (they even played board games on the roof).

To top the day off, we went to Barnes & Nobles. It's a wonderful place, I love bookstores so very much. I thought of 1 while I was looking at the Anne Rice books. He wanted a certain one, he told me once. Every time I think of him, I feel free, because he's out of my life. What a cruel bitch I am. I'm just not made for romantical relationships, and I don't care to be in one (I feel that more strongly after being in a serious one). I dreamed of D. last night, and I felt nothing, I quickly forgot about it. It's funny (good funny), having moved on. But that's a tangent.

At B&N they even had Beatle puzzles, but I didn't buy any. As a matter of fact, they had many books on The Beatles. Each of them was supposed to be "the ultimate book" about them. I ended up getting none. And strangely enough, I don't feel too bad about it. I'd sure like to have them, but I already know their story. Maybe I'll get a couple, if I have some money left after buying presents for everybody (I kind of hate that, but it's a little embarrasing not to take any little souvenirs to your friends and family back home). I've already spent about $70, and I'm not very sure on what...I mean, I am. But I think everything is a little overpriced. Not too much. But it certainly is. Or maybe it's just me.

I did spend $21 and cents at Barnes & Nobles. I bought a LOTR bookmark for my friend Victor, a Calvin & Hobbes book (I can't even remember the name) and, finally found it, Catcher In The Rye (reccomended by him). I've only read about six chapters of it, given I bought it last night, but so far, I love, love, love it.

I got my period today, and I endured it for a while, as I was taping a clip about Paul McCartney, but luckily I'd brought along a pill (I swallowed it mixed with ice cream) and the pain went away on time for lunch. Rebeca made cupcakes while I prepared the pizza. It was only the three kids and me, but we ate all the pizza, except for one slice. We had lunch while listening to The Beatles' Abbey Road. What's that thing people say? "it's the little things", or something.

I think we're going to a christmas party tomorrow. We were trying to slip out of the compromise, so we all could be at home, just the eight of us (brothers, sister-in-law, sister, nephews, niece and yours truly). I mean, eight people. The ones who invited us should've freaked out at the number, but they kept on insisting, and I think we're going. I'm not too thrilled. "There's gonna be people your age", my brother Renan said, maybe to take some of the weight off, but I felt the opposite.

Part of the story of my life is that, whichever social reunion I go to, there's never people my age. There are grown-ups, my parents and/or siblings' friends. There are kids, my nephews and niece's friends. But never people around my age. I was always hoping that'd change, but now I'm only hoping we'll still get to slip out of it. I don't care to meet people "my age", really. I don't care to meet people at all, as a matter of fact. I have enough acquantainces already. Not that they're what I feel I need for social-emotional growth, but I have enough work taking care of them. What a drag.

Well, I shall go back to reading.

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