Last sunday, with decorations-off and capos.
Sunday, 01/11/04 - 6:12 pm.

Say, here's my day in review...amd it's not THAT boring, you, as the line goes "had to be there". In the morning I removed all sign of holidays (no christmas decoration had been take down) and cleaned up the garage a little bit. I found a little lizard, and he had nice, pale skin (I know because I touched it. Yes, on purpose).

Then it was noon and we had lunch, and it was lovely (except for a bee, but what the hell).

Then the afternoon has been spent on learning "Nowhere Man", solo included. IIt's actually kind of easy. And learned what a capo is, I hope I can get one.

It's been such a pretty day. Sadly, it's my last sunday in Houston. That is all.

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