Jo-ko layout, movie, cars and need of exercise.
Sunday, 01/25/04 - 4:27 pm.

Ok, so I changed the layout. Not a big leap from the previous layout's theme (it's always about a Beatle...or ex-beatle, you get the point). But what could anyone expect from me, right? I liked it, anyway. And it comes from (in my opinion) the best diary layout designer. So there you go.

Have I mentioned how madly in love I am with John & Yoko's concept? I mean, the "John & Yoko" concept, John Lennon and Yoko Ono as a couple. Awww. The perfect match (I'll stop here, I could go on and on about The Beatles' "aw, they were a perfect match" thing).

I just came home from the movies. I went to see Brother Bear (yeah, we get the movies a little later). Boy, did I want to cry. It was beautiful. I wasn't too excited to see it at first (I went because my nephew invited me, and as you know, I'm always up for going to the, he's the only boy that asks me out), but I ended up loving it. I might just add it to my favorites.

Guess where I am right now? At my house. Which means I'm not driving. Once again, I've failed miserably. I like to picture myself driving, but I can't gather enough enthusiasm to actually get to do it. I start thinking about it (not the "whooo, I'm driving!" part but everything that takes to drive) and I get depressed or something along those lines. I'm such a failure.

And I just had a dejav´┐Ż.

I feel very small in the car. And I'm actually very tall (people tend to think that just because you're tall you could be a model). I feel so insignificant (it's not like it's a truck, damn, it's for four, five people). My dad's car harms my self-esteem. On the other hand, there's another car in the household that's smaller. I feel a bit more comfortable in that one, however less shiny and older, the fucker. I like small cars.

Lately I've been hearing my muscles yelling. I think I need to exercise. And I think I'll start on tuesday, I'll go for a walk with my mom, at 7 am. I could go tomorrow, but she has a radio show with my dad on mondays (yeah, they're kind of famous...not so much, but they have their share of listeners...I mean, the show is about family and stuff, religion-applied-to-everyday life and such. It's very thoughtful, I tell you).

I'm starting to feel guilty every time I eat. Very guilty. I need to shape up my body. You know, just to be healthy and look ok. It's not like I want to get a modeling career (I hate beauty pageants, don't even get me started). I'm jealous of my brother Alan, he's lost weight (he was L and now is M) just by running 20 minutes every day. Doctors say walking for 30 minutes every day helps a great deal. And I've just stopped having snacks, I only eat three nice meals a day and drink a lot of water. Self-conscious, aren't I?

You know what I did last night? Of course you don't, silly. I wrote "I love you" on a piece of paper, front and back, as many times as the piece of paper allowed me to. It was for a certain person that comes to my mind every once in a while (and it hits me bad), but I get over that the next day. So I really don't feel like talking about him right now. One thing I must say is that I've completely forgotten about D. now (in case you thought it was him I was thinking of), and it's highly unlikely I will talk about him again (he'll go to the vault of unpleasant-yet-enjoyable memories, along with The Guy). So, HA.

I'm going to finish this now, because the muscles of my thighs are starting to yell. I seriously need to start excercising.

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