Sore throat, lack of balls and Beatles references.
Saturday, 01/24/04 - 2:54 pm.

I'm seriously thinking about changing this layout. But I like it too much, it's everything I want...entry box with a scrollbar, dark colors and it has someone I love in it. But maybe I'll change it for a while. I can always go back to this one, can't I? I just hate that if you go back to the older-older entries, they still have the old layout (just a couple of months ago there was still the "Help!" layout, that I stopped using about...geez, about a year and a half ago).

I have a sore throat, after reading to my nephew for half an hour and then watching A Hard Day's Night with him...because I actually had to translate most of the movie to him. That movie is funny. And I thought so even before I became a Beatles fan, so I'm not saying it just because I love The Beatles....maybe I am, I can't really tell. In any case, it's funny. I always discover something new, like George tripping Ringo on purpose.

I'm trying to grow some balls to dare to drive to Veronica's house (just to go and give her the present I brought from Houston for her). Isn't time I start driving on my own, anyway? If anything, for the status. Perhaps I just want her to spread the word that I can finally drive. Because you see, most girls can't drive yet (if we talk about my acquantainces and my acquantaince's acquantainces). Only boys can, so I'd stand up. But I'm still thinking if teenage behind the wheel playing Aerosmith/Beatles on the stereo is worth the risk of dying in a car accident, or running over someone or being humilliated over causing an accident.

Well, I have to go babysit my nephew, so this is all for today. That boy can't just fuckin' spend some time on his own if it isn't playing on his gameboy or watching TV. I have to play Yoko Uno with him. I mean, it's just Uno, but in Houston we used to call it Yoko Uno. And also there was McCartney & Cheese, we used to have that for lunch. Damn, Houston.

I need to get a life. A creative one.

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