Fumigation treatment, performances and misery.
Monday, 01/02/04 - 3:44 pm.

There was a massive fumigation this afternoon, and we had to leave the house, animals included. Frog, Freud, the parrot and my nephew's beta fish (because like I said yesterday, my sister is gone abroad for a couple of days, and along with the kid, she's left the fish in our house).

It was kind of funny, sitting on the sidewalk, breathing smoke. That actually happens relatively often now, because they're trying to fight some mosquito disease. They always fail.

Ok, I watched the Super Bowl pregame show, with Aerosmith performing. I'm going to save the babbling on what I thought and how I felt as the time was arriving. Bottom line, I liked it, I thought it was decent. I honestly expected something more, but at least it wasn't like the Super Bowl half time show last year (that was embarrasing). The clip they showed at first, dressed like astronauts made me laugh (I'm not sure that was the purpose...yeah, it must've been).

Then I heard about the half-time this year, the Janet Jackson/Justin Timberlake incident. Interesting, but it must be made up. I don't trust artists who lipsynch.

Well, I got to go back to babysitting. I feel miserable, because all I want to do today is read and draw.

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