"The brittish are coming back" and natural place with nice 50s music.
Saturday, 02/07/04 - 2:52 pm.

Because of The Beatles' weekend (or at least that's what it seems to be, with the "it was 40 years ago today" slogan about The Beatles first US visit) I'm very much adrenalized (there, I'm even making up words).

For the first time in my life as a Beatle fan (in the big scheme of the universe, not very long) I went to bed past midnight because I stayed up taping something. It was "nightline". I'd discover, just two hours earlier, that the show would be about The Beatles. I've been researching and there's going to be a lot of Beatles on TV. My brother Alan is coming back tomorrow from Houston, and I asked him to look for the Rolling Stone magazine with the mop-tops on the cover. I hope he finds it. That way, at least I'll have two Rolling Stone magazines, one with "Aerosmith" (quotation, because it's just Joe and Steven) and one with The Beatles.

This is the kind of craze I always expected from Aerosmith. I know it's not their fault not getting that much attention from the media (The Beatles have been more influential and deserve every inch of recognition, but I think Aerosmith has been a little underrated, media wise). And I wanted them to have all this attention so I could get the chance to find a lot of shows to tape and news and photos to cut off the newspapers, like I am doing with The Beatles right now.

Anyway...tonight there's gonna be a Beatles special on a radio station (the same that had a tribute to George Harrison on the anniversary of his death last year). I may listen to it, I might win something. Again, the president of the Beatlemania fan club of this country will be a co-host. The fuckin' guy received a postcard from Yoko Ono in 1997. The sad thing is that the club only has 7 members. I thought of joining but I'm not very much into belonging to a fan club. I'm very lazy, socially speaking.

Bottom line, I'm very happy. I saw the Beatles footage last night, and I almost...I almost became one of those screaming fans. I could feel my whole body weakening as I saw them coming down the airplane stairs, as if I were there...they really had "something". I don't know. I've grown to love them so much it's ridiculous. Look at me, I am in love. Like I've never been before with any other than Aerosmith. No boy, NO ONE for that matter, has ever made me feel like that. Say, maybe that's why I don't feel the need to fall in love. I already have. Even if it's with...people who were my age 40, 45 years ago.

I went to a place named Kalpataru plaza this morning. My nephew takes theater lessons there. It's really nice, it's like a house, orange and white, with fountains and lots of plants. It's very much nature-oriented, their food is organic and the fountains are there to give you "positive vibes".

There's a store that sells books on meditation, religion, self-help, spiritual guidance (you get the point), as well as all types of incense, herbs, rocks, relaxation music, candles, etc.

So while he was in "class", my sister and I had a cup of coffee and then went looking around the store. The CDs they sale are very cheap (from $5 to $12), and I decided to look for Buddy Holly. I thought they only had music from India, Italy, orchestral, nature sounds and such. But they also have rock and jazz. There were several Billboard CDs, and one from 1956! Roy Orbison, The Comets, Jerry Lee Lewis, BB King, "rock around the clock", "great balls of fire"...all those great oldies, 50s rock 'n' roll.

My brother Renan, when he discovered I liked The Beatles, said I was going backwards in music. First Aerosmith, from the 70s, and now The Beatles from the 60s.

I remembered him when I found myself purchasing an Elvis Presley 2 CD set. Hey, it was $12. It's missing almost all of the songs I know, and honestly, it's kind of crappy, but what the hell, it's Elvis. Funny, yesterday I was watching The E! True Hollywood Story, Lisa Marie Presley. But I'll try to go easy on Elvis. Between being obssessed with Aerosmith AND with The Beatles I end up emotionally exhausted and sometimes disappointed (because you know, I was born late in a land very far away from Boston and Liverpool). The last thing I want is to start a new obssession with another rock 'n' roll artist. But that's alright, mama, he's The King.

I spent about $15 throughout the morning. My dad had given me $10. Again, I went beyond my budget. I was there in the first place because it's there where I bought Freud. I needed more fish food and I was thinking of buying a net and a plant for the bowl. Then Elvis came along and here I am, listening to it as I type.

Listening: Elvis Presley, "I got a woman (I got a sweetie)".
doing: typing.

I've always wanted to do that. But I'm usually listening to nothing when I type the entries (if anything, to the TV, but it's annoying enough for me to want to omit it). Let alone doing something other than typing...maybe chewing gum, like I was a couple of minutes ago.

What's that thing they say?..."more later"?. Yeah, more later. More tomorrow. We'll continue the coverage of the 40th anniversary of the Beatles invasion of the USA. I hate it when people say "America". It makes it sound (well, not for the ones who are in the US) as if The Beatles visited other countries of the continent, which happens to be named America. This is a tangent, but when people say America refering to the US I begin to understand a lot of things, specially when it comes to war.

But yeah, that's a tangent. I'm overly excited about this week. This is truly The Beatles times, all over again.

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