Hello. You are bothering me, leave my scraps alone.
Monday, 02/16/04 - 1:30 pm.

You know, there have been small seisms lately. A little violent, 4 richter and such. It's kind of exciting for me, but then again, I start to think the roof might fall on me or the earth will swallow me. People get very scared. Two years ago there were two earthquakes (on january 13th and on february 13th) and one may think the seisms are related. But it's not time for another earthquake, not for 12 or 13 more years (it's a scientific fact that earthquakes in this country happen every 15 years or so).

D. came online last night when I was, and he said hello to me. When I realized it was him, I started to feel sick: my stomach was a knot, my mouth was dry, I was feeling dizzy, and my hands were sweating cold. Seriously. I know it sounds stupid and exaggerated, but believe me, the one who's most surprised about those reactions is my own self.

Hello, he said. what's up, I asked. He replied something stupid. I asked him what was the name of the dog on his picture and I said he (THE DOG...I mean, the dog on the picture) was cute. He told me the name of the dog and I said the floor was cute, too (was not). He said his dad worked on it.

And then I chose not to say anything else, because I didn't care and he was making me ill. I gotta go, have a good night, he said. And he logged off. And I breathed again. I kind of hate him now, you know? After being the person I've fallen the hardest for, he just bothers me.

I have other interests now.

As in "hello. I'm working on a scrapbook today".

And I am.

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