Tangents, zodiac talk and short tale inspired by stupid people.
Tuesday, 02/24/04 - 12:21 pm.

Small tangents of the day: it's my niece Rebeca's 10th birthday (awww), Veronica called me (she's always so sweet), the e-mail bounced back because "host couldn't be found" (figures, doesn't it?) and the political panorama is intoxicated with lies and twisted versions of the facts.

The Fingeltoad Resort of Teddiviscious, by John Lennon.

- Mike: I bought myself this zodiac book. Are you Capricorn or Aquarius?
- Me:: Capricorn....mister, what's with the zodiac stuff?
- Mike: I don't know, I went to B&N and I found this book. I read my sign, Gemini, and it was very accurate. And for you it says: "they cope well with responsible jobs, and even if it is lonely at the top, they'll be able to manage it beautifully."
- Me: oh, but of course.
- Mike: and as for jobs...ideal for big businesses, dentistry, osteopathy, the civil service, humorist, and government work.
- Me:: what? I study psychology. "Humorist"?
- Mike: I know. Well, it also says "Capricorns are noted for their sense of humor, but because other people don't think much of this sign, they dismiss it as boring, dull, or simply too dutiful for words". And hear this: "well, we have all met capricorns who are full of depressingly bleak pronouncements, such as that the light at the end of the tunnel is an oncoming train. But usually a capricorn is terrific company and the perfect person to turn to in a crisis". That is so you! You are my crisis person.
- Me: it is my pleasure to be so.
- Mike: Awww. See? it's a bit scary. You have such a good sense of humor and I don't know, it kind of describes you. Look pal, it says: "some signs make the same errors over and over again, but it's an unusual capricorn who can't turn a bad mistake into a valuable lesson sooner or later. This is important, because it's rare to find a capricorn who goes through life unscathed. Most of them have their crosses to bear but they usually rit their teeth and get on with it".
- Me: mutha (means "geez" in the planet I come from). You find odd stuff, kid.

- Mike: look what it says about gemini and capricorns: "this is often a short-lived relationship because these people have little in common. The capricorn will enjoy being around the lively gemini but their heavy workload may eventually spoil things between them. They're good friends because they're able to enjoy their profound differences rather than struggle to surmount them". AWWWW, dude, you're my kindred spirit, see? It's on the stars.
I'm talking with two libras right now.

- Mike: I have three notes on my guesbook.
- Me: how's the bussiness coming along?
- Mike: one's from France and I don't understand what it says. The other one is from Germany. The bussiness is bad.
- Me: pal, if you want to get hits on your site give it the title "Paris Hilton sex tape". That'll work.

Go and check his site, why don't you?

I wrote a tale last night, out of annoyance. It has no name.

Once upon a time there was a He-Fairie named Leukocyte, whose job was to kill teenagers with dreadful ortography.
On gramatically correct nights, he'd appear to the uncultured young soul and he'd stab him or her in the heart with a comma of steel.
Leukocyte was very happy with his job. And honestly, who wouldn't be?

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