Honk if your are washing your brain.
Tuesday, 04/06/04 - 9:31 pm.

I am going to the beach on thursday. I am strangely joyful about that.

I went to another record store today, and the salesclerk did not know about any new Aerosmith release. He was nicer than the other one, though. He was at the counter sitting on a chair and he rolled all the way to the Aerosmith rack. What a handy man, he didn't even get up. He said "this one's the latest", and showed me A Little South Of Sanity. They had Just Push Play, too, which is a later release that Sanity...but of course I didn't point that out. *Sigh* The salesclerks of the nation's record stores are hopeless.

I am seriously getting tired of this. The waiting, I mean. So when I browsed the Aerosmith rack and found nothing, the 20 bucks burning my wallet made me head over to another corner of the store. Actually, the store itself is a tiny corner in that huge ass mall..it's very cozy, I tell you, hard to imagine how they fit all their wonderful products in there.

Because they sure have millions and millions of CDs and DVDs and video games.

So I was saying...I headed over to another corner of the store, and I found a goldmine: all the Beatles catalogue, John Lennon albums, Paul McCartney albums, Concert for George, George Harrison albums, and Ringo's..ooohhh, Brainwashed!

Yeah, that's right. I bought George Harrison's Brainwashed. It's been on my wish list for a long, long time. I did have a hard time deciding among all of the Beatles/ex-Beatles music they had there, but Brainwashed had been a priority of mine for a while, as it was the only one I'd seen. I thought those other albums they had there (All Things Must Pass, Rock & Roll Music, Band On The Run) couldn't be found in this country...you know, being third-world and all lame (sure, I understand why HOB is taking so long in arriving here)...but now I know where I'll go whenever I've saved enough for a CD.

On a very personal level, I am very hurt about Aerosmith's Honkin' On Bobo not being released here on time. I've decided I will wait for the newspaper to mention it (once a week, the new releases are mentioned). And I have a feeling it's still some time before that happens.

I don't have the $20 anymore, anyway. It'll take me two weeks to save the same amount (I save $40 per month, but one half must go to my bank account...don't you just admire me?). But, oh, Lord, I'm loving the Hare Krishna out of Brainwashed, so that will definitely keep me entertained for a while.

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