Three odd minds by the window of the coffeehouse at four o'clock (and a latin quote).
Monday, 05/10/04 - 9:00 pm.

I was just arriving to the UCA this afternoon when I ran into Cel and Joseph, who were on their way to drink, er, tea. Yes, tea.

So they took me with them, we crossed the street and went to a small coffee shop a block away or less. But first we walked by some kind of stand, that belongs to a man who sells burned CDs. Illegal, yes, I know. Cel and Joseph tried to make me choose one, but nothing was really of my taste. There was a CD with Jim Morrison on the cover, that was the only one I pointed at. Joseph said "take it", I said no. "Take it", "take it", and I didn't. I mean, no. I suppose he was going to get it for me but, um, no.

Well, we went to the coffeehouse. We were there from 4 o'clock 'til 6:20. I skipped my 4:30 class, but as I found out later, it was called off. I was a little anxious at first, ohmygodiwillmissclass, but I gave in to the moment, because we were having a lot of fun talking.

I suppose I'm going to keep the memory of this afternoon to myself, because it's really long. It was a wonderful time, though. Joseph said he felt he'd known me for a long time, and that his friends couldn't decide whether to label me as "punk" or "thrasher", so I ended up being both, "punk thrasher (you've created a new genre)". He insists Cel and I are just perfect for each other, that we're equally crazy. He just seems to love the chemistry between her and me...and as he's already said, we're the only two people who are capable of making him laugh in a heartbeat.

It was kind of odd at times, because they kept talking about me. Cel described my bedroom, talked about my drawings, and Joseph said he wasn't going to die until he saw me laugh out loud. I was actually feeling a little low -since saturday- so I was somewhat apathetic...not annoying-apathetic, more like mysterious-apathetic.

He paid for everything. He's such a funny, odd man. He sometimes reaches out and caresses my hair, or pushes me. I like getting violent, so I push him back. He's really special, I tell you. He told a wonderful story, about how nothing creates something, something creates light and light creates darkness and life creates death. I'm dumb, so I don't really remember how it goes.

He says I am like the little sister he never had, because I put up with him. He asks something, I reply no. And that goes on for 20 times. He just can't make me lose my mind. Stoic, he called me.

Cel, that silly little bitch, kept hooking us up. You know, he also catches the time when it's 11 minutes, like you. Look, you're in black, she's in white, you look like yin-yang. Such stuff.

We talked...well, they talked about Mother's Day. They said I'd be a good mom (right, yes), but then Cel said, here's something weirder...who would your husband be? You just wouldn't marry any simple'd marry a cartoon charachter, or a celebrity...I bet all celebrities, specially Steven Tyler, are getting drunk in a bar, thinking of someone like you. Huh, thanks. Later on, Joseph said something about feeling like a cartoon charachter, and Cel said, see, you could marry her.

I didn't know whether to be embarrased by her comments or amused by her creativity. She sucks. I am heterosexually in love with Cel, but she sucks. Oh, she knows it already.

Do me a drawing...a raven, he said. And so, I am about to do that right now.

Oh, hey. I was browsing through e-cards today, and I found a few for the USA troops in Iraq. You're doing a great job!, and below the picture of soldiers terrorizing a naked iraqi with dogs (ok, the image is from my mind). Oh, yes, great job. Thumbs up, rock on, brothers.

Ubi solitudinem faciunt, pacem appellant
("where they create desolation, they call it peace").

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