Meeting at a bookstore and the guy in his bed.
Saturday, 11/27/04 - 8:30 pm.

I met up with Blackie today, in a bookstore. It was a long overdue meeting, I reckon. She bought two copies of my book (and gave me a Saint Seiya, er, comic book? I'd asked for), and the least I could do was treat her to coffee. She, in all her right and having in mind the weather, went for coke, and I should've done the same. I always end up with my tongue burned because of the hot chocolate. I love hot chocolate, just not boiling.

We looked around for a while, I love that bookstore. I bought Nowhere Man, some John Lennon biography that seems strange but nice enough to get (and I got a $5 discount). Unfortunately, I had to catch up with my parents at 4:15, so we said goodbye. She's very nice, and only after going our separate ways I realized she's a lot like my friend Angelica, in her manners and even physically.

It's odd, meeting someone you first met online. This is like the fourth time I've met up with her, but I always think of how funny this internet thing is. I found her diary and she turned out to be a friend of a school friend of mine. Same with somebody else's diary I found today (only had two entries, in june). She had a hi5 account, and when I cheked it (out of guilty pleasure, because she typed like her IQ didn't match her age, and I guess it didn't), I discovered she was from my university, and she was the friend of a friend of an old school acquaintance of mine.

Anyway...that meeting is pretty much the highlight of my day.

I called Joseph this morning, and he said there was a guy in his bed. I know how homosexual that sounds, but the real meaning is that he got drunk last night and brought home a friend.

- Him: (...) but we went to bed relatively early.
- Me: like at two am?
- Him: no, at 5:30...(then he turns to his friend): hey, guess what time my girlfriend thinks we went to bed? Two am!!!

Ok, I didn't like that. I'm pretty sure that wasn't his intention, but he made me feel like I was one of those insignificant girlfriends the guy cheats on every night, and even laughs at her face with his friends. That hurt me a little, and I only said we'd talk later, he had to be a host for the guy in his bed. Sure, bye. Fuck you.

I was talking to Victor a few minutes ago, and basing it on our in-jokes, he managed to make it look like I liked Joe (he's friends with Joe, they're in that invisible circle of talented students, since they both play guitar). Fortunately, I had another in-joke, the one about the Wicked Person according to Jacques Lacan, that got me out of it: "yes...but no".

Yeah, whatever. Good night.

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