I was holding a stapler and they gave me a name tag.
Monday, 11/29/04 - 10:37 pm.

Today's the 3rd anniversary of George Harrison's death. But we remember George (well, duh).

Well, today's been a long, miserable day. Ok, not so miserable, but certainly overwhelming. I was at 9 am in the university, ready to attend a series of conferences.

At 9:30 a classmate comes up to me and asks me if I could help him put together some pages for the conference. I said ok, and walked into a big office with luxurious cubicles.

I started and a secretary asks me for my name. I was holding the stapler, doing my own thing, when she came with a tag name.

Long story short: I missed the first conference, because I ended up putting together all the material for each of the 250 people in attendance. I wasn't upset at all, I was actually glad to help, and I chose that over being inside the auditorium, listening to the conference (although it was a subject I was very interested in). A few classmates came into the office to help, and the professor in charge of those conferences (my psychodinamics professor) thanked us.

As a reward, them and I (and the first classmates who asked me to help them) got to have extra sandwiches for lunch.

I called Joseph after I ate my first sandwich.

- Me: hi, are we meeting up for lunch? Are you coming?
- Him: no...I'm not.

That broke my heart. I tried not to take it personally, though, because after all, it probably wasn't. I'll probably be there by 3:30 or 4, he said.

His absence wasn't such a loss, because I got to be with my friends, study for the final on wednesday, and have the extra sandwich, for free. Oh, and go with them for a cold capuccino and a doughnut before the afternoon conference begun at 3 pm.

I tried to call Joseph at about that time, to tell him I'd be free at 5. A strange voice picked up the phone. A voice with a severe mexican accent, and that's how I knew it was his dad.

He explained something about Joseph's mom coming from Costa Rica (she was in Brazil and wasn't coming until december, supposedly) and leaving his cell phone. I didn't quite get it, but the man was quite nice, and his accent was kind of cute.

So up to the present time, I haven't heard from Joseph.

I heard of Angel and Christine's break up, and besides feeling so bad for the both of them, and wishing there was something I could do, I can't help thinking that's where Joseph and I are heading: the break up.

I don't know what to say about that. Or rather, I don't want to talk about it. Lucky me, I'm too busy to think right now.

I was falling asleep in psychometrics. I was so tired I was going to throw up. I am beat up, but I'm trying to finish the research tonight (it's due on wednesday, the same day as my final).

My day tomorrow will be equally exhausting, so I'd better go see some bloopers, release some stress and prepare for a hard day's night tomorrow.

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